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What should you drink in the morning for the most health gains of all?
The Longevity Power Elixir Recipe Revolution!I’ve gone through countless phases of morning health drink routines. In my quest to utilize my AM beverage to improve my health, fitness, physical energy, mental clarity, immune system health and every aspect of wellness and performance I can conceive of, I’ve started my day with every concoction of modern times – from popular to fringe.
I’ve done local and imported spring waters, all kinds of fresh juices and teas, paleo decaf mochas, just about every smoothie ingredient combination possible, stacks upon stacks of pills and powders, and even just dry fasting. Of these and the like mentioned so far, none alone gave me the feeling of sustained balanced energy and nourishment I sought.
Thankfully there is one method of elixir that finally did the job and that I have stuck with for almost 10 years now: The Longevity Power Elixir. It’s loaded with the most potent versions of the most important superfoods and herbs used for thousands of years in human tradition, is really easy to make, way faster and simpler than a shake or butter coffee and mouthwateringly delicious. 4 or 5 ingredients and blender is all you need. It’s so good, you’ll want to make extra and bring with you in a mason jar so you can imbibe throughout your day for maximum energy, mental focus, deep metabolic and immune system healing, stress resilience and hydration.
I want to create an LP Elixir revolution with you! After all, this drink creates a personal health revolution upgrade in each person’s body who embarks. There are so many benefits in every blend, I chose to make a chart:

The Longevity Power Elixir Recipe Revolution!


How to make a Longevity Power Elixir:

The Longevity Power Elixir Recipe Revolution!
Blend in any blender:
3 cups spring water or the purest water you can get your hands on
1 1/2 cups spring water ice cubes (or 1 cup pure hot water if you require some warmth)
2 – 4 teaspoons any or mix of Longevity Power’s master formulas: Longevity in a Bottle, Everlasting YouthMushroom Immunity and/or Revival Formula (these all combine well and potentiate each other)
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
1/4 teaspoon Organic stevia extract powder, or more, to taste
OPTIONAL: 1 teaspoon organic vanilla extract
OPTIONAL: 1 – 3 teaspoons any or mix of Longevity Power’s core individual adaptogen extracts: Glow He Shou Wu, Maca Bliss, Epic ReishiPearl ExtractLevity and/or Goji Joy (these all combine well and potentiate each other)


I usually drink half of it right away and sip on the rest throughout the day to stay energized, nourished and hydrated. 
Would you love more life-affirming elixir recipe ideas with all the benefits of the LP Elixir?
The Longevity Power Elixir Recipe Revolution!
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To your deepest health possible!
Christian Bates


*Disclaimer: Results may vary from individual to individual, based on health conditions, diet, weight, physical exercise and lifestyle habits. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and are for informational and educational use only. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Individuals taking medications and those with known medical conditions, as well as pregnant or breastfeeding women, should consult with their holistic physician before using these or any nutritional products.


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Morning Hacks: The Best and Worst Ways for High Performers to Start Their Day
I’ve been starting my day with ample hydration and massive amounts of quality nutrition for 15 years, but so much of society is all about a breakfast of sugar and drugs followed by more sugar and drugs. Some recommendations we often hear (like starting your day with sweet fruit) seem reasonable but actually have side effects that could zap your energy, mood and performance for the rest of the day. Here’s my list from the most terrible to the absolute best ways to start your day for maximum health and long lasting physical and mental energy.

The WORST Ways to Start Your Day

Avoid or completely modify these common habits:
  • Waking up, skipping drinking water and immediately drinking black coffee (a recipe for dehydration, headaches and never feeling quite well)
  • Toast and other dense carbs for breakfast (unless you like fungal overgrowth, blood sugar rollercoasters and feeling stressed)
  • Grain-based cereal with conventional milk (more excess carbs and inflammatory ingredients that subtract from your potential)

The HALF-DECENT Ways to Start Your Day

Make these more of an exception than the norm:
  • Organic fruit based smoothie (for most people this may lead to a sugar crash a couple hours or so later)
  • Organic fruit juices (juice is still high in sugar, just as high as soda and only moderately nutrient dense – probably only healthful for athletes who will immediately burn it all off – green juices are better, though can contain a significant amount of sugar as well)

The Very BEST Ways to Start Your Day

Do most of these every day forever:
  • Hydrate with plenty of pure (spring) water first thing (start doing this before bed the night before – it’s okay if you have to pee at night, it’s natural)
  • Make a Longevity Power water-based elixir (plenty of recipes here and here)
  • Wait a while (30 minutes or up to several hours if your blood sugar remains stable) before eating food (this is called intermittent fasting and has so many benefits)
  • After hydrating, but before eating food, take your current stack of supplements and adaptogenic herbs (most of which do best taken on an empty stomach, though there are many supplements out there that are best taken with food – and most food is best taken with adaptogenic herbs – top ways to consume adaptogens in food)
  • Make a Bulletproof coffee (if your body does well with coffee and dairy)
  • Make a Bulletproof style caffeine-free dairy-free blended drink
  • Make a Longevity Power style shake (like this one, this one, and this one)
  • A breakfast rich in healthful fat, fiber, protein and nutrition (rather than carbs) for long burning energy, satiation and blood sugar balance
  • Sunshine all over your eyes and body (get your circadian rhythm and vitamin D levels optimized)
  • Exercise of al kinds to kick start your metabolism, anti-stress hormones, and circulation for a happy body and brain for the rest of the day
Keep adding in better habits and replacing the old that no longer serve you. Each habit builds your health and builds you up to your next new habit until you become one ever more confident and savvy healthy lifestylist. Listen to your body and nourish yourself fully. You have great things to do in this world, and you deserve to feel great all along the way!
To your greatest health!
-Christian Bates
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Why you should use adaptogens to make your body clean and lean!
Spring leaning made easier!
Have you had trouble accomplishing your weight loss and fitness goals? I’ve been there. It might be because you’re not eating a category of nutrition that most of humanity consumed daily until relatively recently.
Adaptogens (AKA tonic herbs) are the missing food group most of us grew up without – and yet they are used extensively in every ancient herbal tradition and in all known hunter gather societies. Only a modern industrial diet (like the Standard American Diet – what most people eat today) avoids them out of ignorance.
An adaptogen is so named as it helps your cells adapt and thrive amidst stressors. These powerhouse plants and mushrooms are so nutrient dense that they can help reverse nutrient deficiencies, soothe one’s nervous system and act to restore the function of vital glands including the adrenals and thyroid.
They do way more than what green juice and a multivitamin can do. Each herb has a synergy of human-active compounds that creates both immediate and long term cumulative effects like modulation of the immune system, hormone balancing and blood sugar control.
Many years ago, the first supplements I got on were an adaptogen formula and a green powder blend (that had adaptogens in it too). This was the perfect stack that made improving my diet and exercise routine so much easier than it would have been and I lost 50 excess pounds in 6 months! I was 16 years old. I’m 32 now and fitter than I’ve ever been! Adaptogens are more important to me than ever and not only keep me energized and craving healthy effective exercise every day, they are key to preventing early signs of aging.
Naturally, I highly recommend using Longevity Power adaptogens as your foundational pre-workout, recovery, adrenal nourishment and spring cleanse protocol which are key for successful fitness, weight loss, and detoxification strategies.
Feel free to comment or message me with any questions you have. Let me know your concerns and goals, so I can help you make your butt-kicking dreams come to fruition!
To a more deeply healthy you!
Christian Bates
P.S. Just took this picture this yesterday morning. I’m super excited to become a cleaner, leaner, adaptogen-fueled machine starting today and every day! Are you?
Why you should use adaptogens to make your body clean and lean!
Why you should use adaptogens to make your body clean and lean!
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