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78 Responses to “Contact Us”

  • Hi, I’ve read your reviews and watched your videos and am really impressed with the amount of time and ingredients in your product. My question is about dosage and what size bottle to purchase. I know the best deal is the large 300ml size but would like to try it first- yet the small size seems to be a few days worth …so could you please explain to me how long, given the dosage that you are recommending, each bottle will last me.
    Thanks and thanks for all your hard work
    Karan Goeser

    • longevitypower:


      Great question on dosage. We recommend starting with a 1/2 teaspoon, 1-3 times per day, and slowly over a month increase to a 2 teaspoon full dose, 1-3 times a day. You can stretch it out, you’ll feel it with a dose under the 2 teaspoon full dose. Doing just 1 dosage a day will be great, and 2-3 doses will keep the herbs active in your body more continuously throughout the day. Have fun with it!

  • Debbie:

    Hi guys was wondering if you’ve shipped the pre orders yet ?? Anxiously waiting…I’m out of all my Green Superfood anticipating the arrival of Longevity in a Bottle, so I’m not ordering anything until I try out the newest bestest product to come yet (:

  • jamie frick:

    Is this longevity in a bottle super-food concentrate raw, and if so, how do you prevent botulism?
    Jamie Frick

    • Jamie, to answer both questions: Longevity in a Bottle is comprised of hot water extracts, warm/cold water extracts, and freeze dried raw mushroom mycelium. Before each ingredients is extracted, the whole fresh/dried herb must pass initial analyses for microbial counts. After extraction, the extract is then tested for microbial counts. Everything tests extremely low/non detected. Botulism is not at all something to worry about with our products. Thanks for the question Jamie!

  • dharana:

    what elevation is your maca pwd grown at; and would you explain the different colors and benefits. thank you.

    • Dharana,

      Great question. Our maca is grown at 12,000 feet elevation in the Andes Mountains, Peru.

      Yellow, Red, and Black maca grow naturally together. We select out the black maca and use a hot water-alcohol 10:1 extraction process (every pound of Maca Bliss is created by 10 pounds of whole dry black maca roots.)

      All colors of maca provide amazing benefits as proven in many types of studies. In several studies on adult male rats show that the red maca is the best for the prostate, and the black is best for increasing sperm count and motility. Black foods are associated with jing – a term in Chinese tonic herbalism that is an energy of longevity, adrenal-kidney health, and genetic power. I have personally found that I enjoy the feeling and taste of black maca over the others, although red is quite notable.

      Our Maca Bliss is the best of the best, and takes the notion of consuming maca to the most potent version possible!




  • Karen:

    Hi, I’m an herbalist and looking for a product all in one to sell and make money… Does your product work that way?
    Thanks kk

  • stevie k young:

    Does the immune mushroom product come in a capsule instead of powder?

    • Hey Stevie,

      Good question. Mushroom Immunity is a powder – which is really tasty and fun to mix in sweet beverages or even in a soup. In the future we’ll likely offer capsules on everything, but that is a far way out. Don’t wait and experience the bliss.



    I was checking your mushroom blend it sims to me that there is two size the 45grams it sims to small of the amount … did you meant 450 grm? thanks

    • Cristina,

      Mushroom Immunity is extremely potent. It contains high concentration extracts. So yeah, 45g (15 servings) and 180g (60 servings) is the net weight of those bottles. That said, you end up paying less than most encapsulated mushroom products which are usually just whole mycelium instead of the very potent fruit body extracts and spore powder we use. 🙂



    will you teach in the near future in portland area?
    please let me know…

  • Ryan:

    Hi Christian,

    If you could pick 1 of your products for someone suffering from an autoimmune disease, what would it be? I believe that my autoimmune disease occurred from mainly vaccinations but also poor diet/stress. I imagine I have some heavy metals inside of me from the vaccines. Any recommendations? I eat a very healthy diet so I am looking for a product to help restore optimal immune function. Thank you for the guidance!

    • Ryan,

      You know I can’t recommend for or diagnose a disease, but if I had such a situation I would put Mushroom Immunity as 1st, and Longevity in a Bottle as 2nd. I would get both and slowly increase my dose. I would have fun combining them, but also taking them separately and seeing how each make me feel over time. Longevity in a Bottle is about half medicinal mushrooms. Each formula has similar immune system MODULATING effects. Mushroom Immunity is truly all immune modulating. Longevity in a Bottle is mostly or all modulating with some compounds considered stimulating or modulating (depending on how the science is looked at). Sorry they are both out of stock at this moment, but they will be ready in 2-5 weeks. Enjoy your healing journey!

  • Elisabetta:

    Hi there,
    I just came across your videos on YouTube in search
    For some relief for myself! I am suffering from what I believe
    As major yeast overload in my system. I have been pretty prone
    To bladder infections, which in turn have always been on
    Some kind of antibiotic. My urologist has put me on a preventative
    Dose but it has become resistant! I was just was also just treated
    For a bone infection with a 7 week course of intervenous antibiotics
    Which cleared the bone infection but really wiped me out! For the past
    Week I’ve have constant yeast infections that have out me in the fetal position!
    I’ve stopped all antibiotics as they are making me sicker and I’ve become extremely
    Irritable and nausea! Please HELP!!!

    • Elisabetta,

      Read Donna Gates’ Body Ecology Diet. She is the master of holistically treating candida/yeast/fungus/parasites.

      Go through my http://christianbates.com blog for lots of super low glycemic recipes. Starve opportunistic organisms of sugar.

      If I were you I would be on medicinal mushrooms multiple times per day, slowly increasing my dosage over time. Be prepared for fungal die-off. http://old.longevitypower.com/products/mushroom-immunity/

      Look through YouTube for Truth Calkins videos on eating body ecology diet foods.

      You can do it! Do whatever it takes to heal, you deserve it!

      Founder, Longevity Power

  • Elisabetta:

    I don’t want the symptoms to be masked anymore, I need to fix the situation and be my healthy outgoing self again!

  • Judy:

    I just watched Christians video with Dan the life regenerator. I ordered all 4 elements to make the tonic to eliminate stress. I was wondering if you just make the tonic and drink it all at once or just sip it during the day? Could you please send me the recipe with the directions for use. I know this tonic is so right for me!
    Thanks so much

    • Greetings Judy,

      I’ll write down the recipe soon for ya. You could theoretically ‘chug’ the tonic, but I never do. It usually lasts me 1-2 hours or more. I usually double the recipe. Sometimes it lasts until the next day (though it’s so good I’ll finish it before bed). Although if it’s close to bed I’ll make the same tonic WITHOUT the maca to keep it more calming. I make 2-4 elixirs per day, each 1 slightly or significantly different. I drink often in replacement of water (but I still drink lots of pure spring water throughout the day as well).

      Also, the Eliminate Stress Tonic is just a blueprint for all kinds of variations you can do. I rarely make the same elixir twice, just like we never make the same salad twice. 🙂



  • Christine:

    What kind of research has been done on this product to prove that it will help?

    • Hi Christine,

      Great question. The herbs and superfoods we use in each of our products have been used traditionally for 1000s of years by billions of people. In the last few decades, thousands of scientific studies have been performed to prove their efficacy. All of our ingredients are analyzed to prove that their human-active marker compounds are abundantly present. We take pride in our herbal formulae which are designed to synergize the effects of each herb and create powerful effects on the body including building resilience to stress, strengthening the immune system, restoring vitamin and mineral reservers, imparting long-burning cellular energy, mental clarity and an elevated mood. We are currently working on partnering with the right team of doctors and science-folk to demonstrate in more detail how our products can promote radical leaps in health.

      Longevity Power

  • Christine V:

    Hi Christian, I have tried some of your products and feel enthusiastic about the results, but my main concern has to do with sleep. I have a very difficult time getting and staying asleep. Is there any of your products that you believe could help with this issue?

    Warm regards,

    • Christine,

      Great question. Short answer: Our Pearl Extract (http://www.mcssl.com/store/longevitypower/pearl) is by far the most soothing herb to take right before or even a few hours before bed. It uplifts the spirit and the high quality life-created calcium content relaxes the nervous system and digestive system. It is a premier beauty tonic and helps your get your beauty sleep.

      Long answer: Our other ‘yin’ herbs may help if taken a couple hours before bed (not right before): Our Mushroom Immunity, LEVITY, He Shou Wu, and Goji Joy. Taking a larger dose of He Shou Wu at the end of the day is really fun and mood elevating. But of course tonics may be only part of your ultimate sleep solution. You may need to workout harder, get up earlier, have a hard days work, and eat dinner earlier. You may also need to look at your hormones and blood health (e.g. do you have a fungal or viral load, or a heavy metal content that is short circuiting your body’s ability to have perfect circadian rhythms. Maybe you need to sleep grounded and move your bed away from the walls, outlets and sources of electro pollution – and create the ultimate sacred rest space in your bedroom. Maybe you dinner needs to be an early one, and one very low in carbs and high in lettuce (lettuce is a very relaxing veggie). I have confidence that as you look closely at these things each day, you will develop more intuition and awareness about your body’s needs. Good luck!


  • Aaron C:

    How are you doing? watched your Herbal Elixir video and was highly impressed with knowledge of herbs and have decided to try this recipe. I’m a 46 year old male in college and I have problems staying focused and being motivated to do the work. I understand the blissfulness of this tonic, will it help me with clarity and being focused? What would you recommend me taking for creativity? like I have great ideas but it still seems like I’m missing something. Last question, I have acne scars and deep pits, what herbs would you recommend me taking to heal my skin?

    • Great to talk to you on the phone Aaron. Keep on up-leveling your nutritional strategies! The solutions that will work for you to heal your skin, strengthen your mind and unveil passionate creativity already exist – now it’s up to you to find and implement them. You can do it, and I await to see your results during the next 12 months. Keep us posted. -Christian

  • chrissy bell:

    Hi Christian, my question is about the pine pollen, I ordered your longevity in a bottle & it has pine pollen in it. I was wondering if it is still ok to take pine pollen by itself or if I could add it when I take the longevity in a bottle? Thank u, Chrissy

    • Chrissy, for more androgenic power, you can totally add pine pollen to your day or to LIAB – these superfoods synergize very well. The great thing about truly TONIC herbs is that they almost always can be combined safely. 🙂

  • Bob Coons:

    What is the individual mg of each herb in longevity in a bottle?

    • Bob, I’m very much for full disclosure of everything my products are about. However, I must keep a few things trade secret. 😉 If you’d like to know how many mg are few of the ingredients are, ask specifically and I will divulge. Most of the herbs are at 200mg (some more, some less) per 2 teaspoon serving, and because they are very potent extracts, this is a very effective and synergistic dosage. 🙂

  • Heather:

    Are any of your products processed on shared equipment or contain sesame in any form? I am deathly allergic to sesame seeds, flour, powder, oil, etc.

    • Heather,

      None of our products contain sesame at this time.

      Our Maca Bliss and Longevity Spirulina are never exposed to sesame and not processed on equipment that processes allergens.

      Our Longevity in a Bottle, Mushroom Immunity, He Shou Wu Extract, Goji Joy, Pearl Extract and LEVITY were manufactured at facilities that may at times process sesame and other allergenic foods.

      Hope that helps!


  • Si:

    Hi Christian,

    When do you expect Levity to be back in stock? Also if I was to order a bundle package could I add Levity to it for back order?

  • Jennifer:

    Hi there:)WONDERFUL fast shipping! I just did 1/4 tsp warm mushroom immunity with about approx 8-10 0z unsweetened almond milk and 1/2 tsp of my favorite vanilla protein powder. I added a little stevia. Tastes just like vanilla coffee. Q: Will stevia mess up the blend? Q: Does warming the blends make them less effective?

  • Hi,
    I hope you are doing well. I blog and do a video show at the Natural Lifestyle Show. Someone told me about your product, Mushroom Immunity, and how it is a really good raw coffee substitute. I am very interested in doing a blog and video review of this product! :)If you are interested in my doing that, please send it to:
    Angel Chavis
    103 Buckskin Lane
    Henderson, NC 27537
    I will send you the review link once it is up. If you are interested in doing a giveaway as well, please let me know
    Thank you so much for your time and consideration. God bless!

  • John:

    My name is John C. Morley and I ordered something from you last week;
    when should I receive it


  • TMC:

    Do you do wholesale?

  • Mark:

    Hey my name is Mark , I live in Australia in my van by choice I have money in the bank but am lonely and really have lost the will to fight on . I struggle with the part of my personality that is bipolar , manic with no depression . I’m sure you’ve come across this cruel issue . I know there are no miracles out there I take lithium I don’t do drug my diet is ok (what’s ok?) but i need to enhance my wellbeing if I’m not to self destruct. I don’t expect anything Christian I’m just letting you know how I feel!!! I want to feel just a little more human and get to the point where I can connect with my fellow man without burning the bridge over and over again . I have a holistic appointment I see a psychatrist , I have insight into this part of me . I have lost the ability to handle stress , there are flaws with thinking/behaviour at times I’m sure you’ve heard these symptoms from a number of causes before so I dont want to go on. I know your no doctor but if you were me what would you do Christian?

    • Hi Mark,

      I’ve dealt with depression-type issues myself, mostly in high school, not as severe as what’s going on with you, but I can say I feel for you brother. I can also say that all problems have a solution. I believe this is how nature works. Your solution requires a dynamic strategy unique to you that thoroughly and deliberately addresses the health of your biome and nervous system. IMHO what’s going to give you the most traction at first is perfecting your digestion, abundantly nourishing your nervous system and leveling your blood sugar. This requires a holistic approach. I recommend books like Donna Gates Body Ecology Diet, but perhaps being stricter than she: skip the nuts and replace with animal fats. Look into nutritional ketosis aka keto adaptation. These approaches include eating all organic, lots of high quality animal fats, very low carbs (sugar/starch), and lots of nutrient-dense medicinal foods (tonic herbs, superfoods, etc.). Most likely you have some significant fungal overgrowth (candida), toxicity, and perhaps hormonal imbalance (estrogen dominance) – issues that have gotten out of hand and are compromising your brain. These issues usually arise together, and they must be reversed together.

      Your challenge is a gift when you take the right action. We all need to hit rock bottom in some way – when we finally choose to let go of old patterns and create something new for our self. I not only look forward to hearing your progress over the coming months, but in the coming years how you take what you have learned from your successes with this and pass it along to those that need your experience, enthusiasm and insight. Yep, this is bigger than you.

      As you stated, I’m no doctor. I also don’t like false hope or half hearted encouragement. No, I’m coming at you from a place deep down in me that lives, breathes, sweats and bleeds this kind of healing, Mark. This is a full-fledged encouragement to do whatever it takes to up-level your health consistently. Be gentle, but be thorough.

      Holler back.

      To your greatest health,
      and Happy holidays,

    • Deanna Drake:

      Thank you both for your honesty and in put I am on same page I am open to suggestions and healing on all levels mind body and spirit let’s heal . together love
      DeannaDrake lompoc ca

  • Loyda:

    Hello Christian,
    I read some of the blog comments, and admire your purist approach to healthy nutrients. I also have some sincere questions and concerns.
    Do you manufacture all of your products in other countries? One of them say “Manufactured in USA”, but no any of the others.
    Are products and herbs from China? I know you are aware of the safety issues with some of their products.
    If you manufacture some of your products, what spring water do you use?
    Please excuse me if you have this answers in your website. Im just very car full after having made so many mistakes in the natural supplements world, first the soy crazy, the Vit.C (from China, and recently GSE that I used for almost everything. I know you understand.
    I appreciate your comments in this regards

    • Thank you Loyda!

      All of my herbal extracts are manufactured in the country in which they are traditionally grown. Everything is bottled here in California. Many of my herbs are grown in China (they are traditionally grown there and no farmers/wildcrafters for these herbs are found elsewhere). It is my full time job to insure that these herbs are the highest quality possible, testing for heavy metals, pesticides, marker compounds, and an excellent and communicative relationship with my manufactures.

      It would be awesome to manufacture with spring water. Instead the herbs are manufactured with water that has been purified to a pharmaceutical level of purity.

      I am happy to talk about my quality control and desire to be as organic, pure, potent and sustainable as possible with any further questions that you have. 🙂


  • David:

    I’m 47 years with Lukimia and Philadelphia chromosome waiting for bone marrow transplant can use your producti I saw the video on the ectassy elixer let me know if I can use it thanks

    • David,

      I’d need to know more information, and would ask that you consult with a qualified holistic physician. My products may help give you much of the vitality and nutrition your body desperately needs. If I were you I’d definitely work with a hip, experienced Chinese herbalist to help correct imbalances – and to help you choose which of my products would be best for you now. Take care of yourself. Do whatever it takes to get the healing abundance you deserve.


  • David:

    I’m @ the hospital can’t go out or call somebody to come and help but I can Oder you product if I know what will be good for me I will like to try the ecstasy elixer do you think it will help can order rush delivery. I’m getting chemo everyday. I being drinking multivitamin and raw probiotics and they help but I think I need something better to rebuilt my body inside and detox.will the elixer help?

    • David,

      If I were you, I might consider trying all 8 of my products to stack the odds in your favor. I have 2 8-bottle power packs (1 big size bottles, 1 medium size bottles) http://www.mcssl.com/store/longevitypower/power-pack-discount

      Then I would have fun combining them in various ways, making all kinds of hydrating elixirs. 🙂

      Again, I know very little about your condition, but I think choosing to give one’s self an abundance of health-taking actions is where real turnarounds in health are possible. I know that has been true in my life: When I try many foods/herbs/exercises/practices/ways of thinking and stick with the ones that serve me the best, I get the most powerful and long lasting benefits.


  • Vasea:

    your longevity product has maca. Is it true that one should not consume it
    long term since it affects the thyroid in a negative way being from the cabbage family? Also, what could help most with adrenal fatigue? Keep up the good work! Many thanks, V.

    • Hi Vasea,

      Maca has glucosinolates, but in my research it has a negligible amount of goitrogens (a type of glucosinolates that inhibits thyroid function). Most glucosinolates from the cabbage family are considered a huge part of what makes the cabbage family so health promoting. Fresh maca has the most glucosinolates, but not necessarily goitrogens.

      Due to our dual extraction process (our Maca Bliss product, which is the same as the maca extract ingredient in Longevity in a Bottle) we have lowered the glucosinolates and increased the more adaptogenic compounds macamides and macaenes. In other words, I wouldn’t worry at all about it. Maca is considered a top superfood for helping thyroid function as well as adrenal support.


  • Ernie:

    Hi there!

    I realise that I am left with some products and the labels state that they are best before January 2016. May I know if I am still able to take those supplements?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Dania,

      I’m sure they are perfectly fine. Just try to consume then within the next couple months. I could give them a 4 year shelf life instead of 2 year, but I want to make sure people know its best to consume them regularly and within a few months.


  • Ernie:

    Sorry if the above question may seem odd, but the products still look and smell alright. I am quite concerned as the labels state best by January 2016. Thank you in advance 🙂

  • Kai:

    Pls, please, PLEASE!!! Is there any possibility you can start making your Spirulina again? I have tasted the one you suggested and it’s great, just not what I would call very cheesy. I want another cheesy option besides nutritional yeast. Plus I’m sure your entire customer base would be ecstatic! 🙂

  • I placed an order a few hours ago and received no confirmation in my e-mail. Did you receive the order?

  • ann:

    I generally take Longevity in a Bottle in the morning hours. I am wondering whether taking it in the evening could potentially disrupt my sleep. Or, would the ingredients more likely enhance sleep? thank you.

    • Hi Ann,

      Any time before dinner should be just fine. As adaptogens, the ingredients do enhance sleep, but sometimes the energy feeling can outweigh the calm feeling, so earlier in the day is best. Use Pearl Extract as your night cap. 🙂


  • Amy:

    I’ve taken the adaptogens Rhodiola and Ashwagandha in the past and found that they lowered my seizure threshold and increased my seizure frequency. I would love to try your product but I’m concerned about the same thing happening. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Amy,

      This is a newer topic for me, I cannot yet contribute any suggestion of which herbs might be safest for you. Do you work with a holistic-minded physician who knows resources on how different traditional herbs effect those with conditions similar to yourself? Because tonic herbs are so nourishing to the brain and nervous system, I imagine if you find the right combinations for yourself it might be great for your health, but only if done very carefully. PLEASE do this homework and report back your findings and experience to me with what you and your qualified physician choose to try. Thank you.


    • Deanna Drake:

      Thank you so much for today and the amazing products you offer! And thank you so much for the Xtra discount every little bit helps! On word and upward to QUALITY OF LIFE

  • Hi Christian, just received my longevity in a bottle, and it really taste great.
    I also tried ordering the Andean blue green spiralina by ancient sun nutrient but the company seems to be out of product or business. Do you know how I can get that product? Thanks in advance for your response.

  • dom:

    Hi christian, I’ve just came back from led India (11,000 ft elevation) suffered from altitude sickness but recovered from low oxygen and some fluid in the lungs.

    which of your products would help deal with altitude the best?

    • Hi Dom,

      The top 2 would definitely be Epic Reishi and Longevity in a Bottle to help you build nerves of steal. 🙂

      Maca Bliss would also be helpful, especially with its hormone nourishing properties. Refined hormone levels lead to robustness of the nerves.

      To become even more impenetrable nerve wise, having Levity and Goji Joy around is very helpful and fun.

  • Hi Christian, just received your maca bliss, can you take that without water, and by that I mean put it under your tongue, and then wash it down with purified water?
    Yesterday I ordered a small bottle of your new revival product as your large bottle seemed to be on back order. It said 1-3 weeks b4 the large bottle will be in stock do you a a specific day for the return of that product? Also since I noticed the maca bliss in that product will it be ok to take that with the new revival product?
    I can not wait to receive the new revival product as it sounds amazing, and as you said in your video my goal will be to eliminate a few of my current supplements and just use the revival 3 weeks on and 1 week off.
    Please rush my small bottle order that I placed on 1-6-17. Thank you in advance!
    Kind regards,

    • Hi Dominick,

      Yes they combine wonderfully (Maca Bliss is an ingredient in Revival.) Thank you for waiting on the large bottle to come back in stock, but if you’d like to order a large bottle, for now I can just send you 4 small bottles (same amount) instead. Send me an email or call if you’d like that. Either way, you’re Revival will ship on Monday. 🙂

  • Benjamin Duru:

    Can I cook with your herbal formulas? At what point will it burn off and the nutrients disappear? I was specifically thinking about Revival formula or longevity in a bottle.

    • Benjamin,

      All our products but the Revival you can cook with (any temp just below boiling). But Revival does have algae that may begin oxidizing if exposed to excess heat. So I’d say add Revival after cooking. 🙂


  • Pamela:

    Hi Christian,

    Just found your products and they look wonderful! I am looking for something to replace coffee (which is wreaking havoc on my adrenals), that actually taste like coffee. I see a couple of your mushroom products have a coffee taste. Which would you suggest taste most like coffee? And is it a smooth coffee taste or a bitter starbucks-like taste?

    Thanks so much for your help. Can’t wait to try your products.

    • Hi Pamela,

      Looks like I missed this question until now. Thank you for waiting on my reply. Mushroom Immunity and Epic Reishi have the most coffee-like flavor. Glow as well. But the flavor is more rooty – not the same cafe aroma and acidity as coffee – but similar enough. So I suggest making high water content elixirs, sweetening with stevia, maybe adding some coffee and vanilla flavorings. Sometimes I can create an elixir with many of my other products too that just has an amazing mocha flavor (but contains no coffee or chocolate)!


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