Frequently Asked Questions and Policies:

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: If you are not 100% satisfied with any of our products within 30 days of delivery of the product at your specified shipping address, we will refund your total purchase or partial purchase per specific product. Or, we will gladly exchange a product(s) for our other product(s) of equal value. After 30 days, all sales are considered final. Any product eligible for a refund or exchange must be packaged by you and returned undamaged. Customer is responsible for return shipping cost. Thank you.

Q: What is your shipping policy for domestic (United States) orders?

A: For all currently in stock items, we ship in 1-4 business days (usually 1-2 business days, unless otherwise specified) from either our office in San Geronimo, CA or a shipping fulfillment center in Healdsburg, CA (both locations considered in the Northern San Francisco Bay Area) to anywhere in United States via USPS Priority, FedEx Ground or UPS Ground. Out of stock items noted as ‘BACKORDERABLE’ or ‘SHIPS SEPARATELY’ in their listing title will ship within the time frame declared in the listing title, e.g. ‘1-2 WEEKS.’ Email: for any further questions.

Q: What is your shipping policy for international orders?

A: See our domestic shipping policy above for shipping time frame. We ship to most countries throughout the world via USPS 1st Class International, Priority International or Express International, however it is your responsibility to ensure your order is suitable to pass through customs. Please review your country’s Importation Regulations carefully before placing your order, as we are not responsible for items refused by Customs in accordance with their prohibition policies. You (the customer) are responsible for paying additional fees or taxes imposed upon pickup.

Customs fees or taxes charged by the country in which your order is delivered and may range from 0% – 50% or more.  We are not responsible for packages that go missing internationally. We HIGHLY recommend using USPS Express International which does have tracking available for most countries. We will help as much as possible in the event your package goes missing, but ultimately lost packages are the fault of the shipping provider and we cannot assume the responsibility of replacing or refunding missing packages.

If you refuse to accept your package at Customs due to high Customs fees, we are not responsible for refunding that order or reshipping the order via another carrier. The package will be abandoned at Customs. If you want a refund on your order, you are responsible for paying the customs/shipping fee to ship the package back to us. As such, once the package is received back to our warehouse, you will be credited for the cost of your order minus the original shipping charge and minus the customs charge (if you haven’t paid it yet) to send the package back to us.

We are not responsible for reshipping orders that are refused at Customs. If Customs refuses a package, sends it back to us and we receive it back from Customs, we can issue you a refund for the products in your order only if we receive the package back and if the contents are in resalable condition. In the event the package is not returned to us by Customs or is lost in transit, we cannot issue you a refund. We are not responsible for paying for the package to be returned to us or for reimbursing the customer for that cost.

International orders/shipments may be subject to possible opening of and inspection of goods by Customs officials in the country of delivery. We are not responsible for orders that are held up at Customs, damaged by Customs, destroyed by Customs, or refused entrance by Customs due to this process. Again, it is the responsibility of the customer to review their own country’s importation regulations as we are not responsible for items refused by Customs in accordance with their prohibition policies.

Q: Do you make health or disease related claims with regard to Longevity Power products?

A: Absolutely NO! Our disclaimer: The information printed on our website, product labels and marketing pieces or stated in our videos or by company members or fans has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Individuals taking medications and those with known medical conditions should consult with their holistic physician before using our products or any nutritional product. People with high blood pressure, taking blood-thinning agents, have stomach or liver problems or women who are breastfeeding or pregnant should consult their holistic physician before using any herbs. Please research our ingredients especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have health issues. Thank you!

35 Responses to “FAQ”

  • Gary Goodman Rn:

    I live on the east coast piladelphia. Shipping on bottled items from the west coast can be very expensive. Do you prepay on a certain amount ? Let me know

    • Hi Gary,

      Shipping US Mail Priority to the East coast is actually pretty reasonable in price. No prepaying going on here. All order over $297 receive free priority shipping. Let me know if you have any more questions.

      -Christian Bates
      Founder, Longevity Power

  • Debbie:

    HI Christian,
    Was wondering if my Longevity in A Bottle has shipped yet ?? I emailed once but not sure if you actually received it….don’t want to be a bother. Thank you sincerely (:

  • Becky:

    Do you ship to APO boxes?

  • Courtney:

    Have you shipped to Australia before?

    • Courtney, so far, every shipment I have sent to Australia has sailed through customs. However, I cannot guarantee that yours would and would be disappointed if yours was the first to be denied or partially denied. I would say go for it anyways as usually customs only looks closely at larger wholesale orders. 🙂 -Christian

  • sofree:

    can’t wait to get my products! what’s yur experience been shipping to Canada?

  • Lisa:

    Hi Christian,
    Do you offer sample sizes for any of your products?

  • Where do you aquire your Ho shou wo from?

  • ktshamek:

    I’m curious about what to expect? feel/think different/clearer? Timeline I should try to see how I like it? I’ve heard very good things!!!

  • Geoff:

    Hi Christian,

    I forgot to ask, how do you store these products once opened? I don’t see anywhere that refrigeration is required or recommended. I would assume just room temperature stored?



  • Leila:

    Hi, Do any of your herbs totally dissolve in water like an instant coffee would? Thanks, Leila

    • Hi Leila,

      All of my products are truly water soluble extract powders. A blender is best for cold water. Hot water they will dissolve with stirring. Have fun making all kinds of elixirs!


  • Elian:

    Hi Christian,

    Can Mushroom Immunity help with the treatment of an early stage palmar fibromatosis condition aka Viking’s Disease?


    • Hi Elian,

      I can’t make any claims about this dis-ease. 🙂 Through your own research, you may find correlation with the effects of many tonic herbs and the healing you are seeking. Be thorough in your health strategy.


  • Elian:

    Hi there Christian,

    What Cordyceps species is used for your Mushroom Immunity formula?

    Is your product tested for heavy metals?


    • Hi Elian,

      A quick review of the developing classification of cordyceps, you’ll see this isn’t an easy question to answer (

      The quickest way to explain this is that we inoculate our brown rice with Cordyceps sinsensis spores. However, because of this substrate, it can no longer be called Cordyceps sinsensis, it is now identified as Paecilomyces hepiali aka Cs-4.

      If you are a real avid cordyceps fan, I recommend you take our cordyceps (which will give you a larger quantity of active compounds, found in Mushroom Immunity and Longevity in a Bottle) and combine it with a wild caterpillar cordyceps tincture (rare, fairly pricey, but truly wild/grown on insects giving it different characteristics than brown rice grown cordyceps).


  • Farah:

    Do you recommend any product of yours for hashimoto hypothyroid and to control diastolic blood pressure. Right now i m taking he shou wu to reverse gray hair. Is your he shou wu tinctured in alcohol?

    • Farah,

      I can’t recommend products to treat medical diseases. Our Glow He Shou Wu is a very powerful powdered extract, which will have way more efficacy than a tincture. I’d recommend it over a tincture in most cases. 🙂

  • Felix:

    Hi Christian,
    I am very interested in your products.
    Did you have any experience with shipping to Bali/Indonesia or Singapore yet? Thank you 🙂

  • Eric:

    I know you can’t make medical claims, but I’m real curious if there is a problem in mixing your herbs together and if they can “cancel” each other out or have negative interactions. I have trouble finding the info on that online because your herbs are more rare.

    • Eric,

      My products combine wonderfully, often biopotentiating each other, hence why some of my products are herbal formulas with many tonic herbal extracts in them. Experiment and have fun and enjoy the long term benefits!

  • Susie:

    Hi Christian,

    About a year ago I noted that you lost some fat, maybe 10 or 15 pounds. What do you suggest to accelerate and jump start fat burning? Do any of your products help with fat loss? It feels like there is a toxic sludge in my bloodstream that I’d like to clear out.



    • Susie!

      All my products have the potential to aid in metabolic function and maintaining high body and brain energy without feeling as much of a need to eat eat eat. Everlasting Youth, Longevity in a Bottle, Maca Bliss, Mushroom Immunity – all serious adaptogens to give one’ system a daily recharge.

      I lost 20 pounds in 3 months last year. I’ve gained some back on account of that I make the most delicious dinners possible BUT would like to drop (or ‘cut’) again and get real lean for spring!

      The main thing I did was to do everything I normally do (best food ever, lots of supplements and elixirs, daily exercise focusing on strength not just cardio) but I cut my dinners down by 30% and skipped dinner at least once a week (intermittent fasting). You know me, I like medium and small meals during the day but big dinner, so that’s what had to get cut to keep a calorie deficit.

      I tracked my macros real close for a month and discovered that on a keto diet it is very easy to replace the calories of carbs with a small amount of fat such that the calories are too high for weight loss given my calorie expenditure so I tend to puff out my fat by blending it with cauliflower and lemon or something to make a keto cheese sauce that’s filling and energizing and fatty but not as easy to eat in excess.


  • Nancy:

    Does mixing your maca or levity products with hot beverages affect their efficacy?

    • Nancy,

      No worries on mixing our products in warm or hot drinks. They are already hot water extracts and your drink is likely a lower temperature than they have already been exposed to. Enjoy your potent elixirs!


  • Geoff:

    Hi Christian,

    I bought longevity in a bottle in 2015, funny I still have some left. I never stored it anywhere but a cool, dry place. I don’t see an expiration date anywhere.

    Do you know if it’s okay to use? I guess I forgot about it. I was never good at daily dosing anything. I’ve thrown out many bottles I’ve used half of and then they expire.

    Loved it when I used it, worst part about it is mixing with water, it clumps and just doesn’t mix well. Bought a blender bottle(with mesh ball) waiting to know if it’s still edible 3 years later.

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