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  • Joshua James Currie:

    I’d love to know what products your company will make available to purchase. This is a very good move to heal others and for natural health.

  • Gayla Kaufman:

    Your Longevity in a Bottle is truly amazing. I could feel its activity inside my body the first time I took it. I have a whole regimen of supplements, so it took a while to start using it every day. But when I did, my wretched headaches went away. I am so thankful.

  • robyn:

    Dear Christian,
    I can’t wait to try Levity. When will Levity be available!!
    I just love Longevity in a bottle.Work out at the gym daily,
    it helps so much with stamina and endurance. Thanks for such
    a great food!!!
    Robyn Ratto

  • sarah:

    Hello I just ordered the power pack and was wondering exactly how long it will take to ship it said separately in 2-5 weeks but is that really true? πŸ™‚ How long does it really take to ship in the US? Thank you


    • Hi Sarah,

      Yes it’s true because a few items are backordered. We are waiting on our very special organic reishi ingredients as well as a new batch of Maca Bliss to come in. Whence those are in we’ll be back in stock and the backordered items will ship! Thank you for waiting. Your Goji Joy, Longevity Spirulina, He Shou Wu and LEVITY ship today!

      Founder, Longevity Power

  • sarah:

    Hello I have not received my longevity nor the macca bliss. I was wondering where they were. Thank you

    • Hi Sarah, thank you for calling in yesterday, and great to speak with you. Longevity in a Bottle and Maca Bliss are backordered until our next scheduled bottling 1 week from now.


  • Louisette Pochat:

    I just ordered the Super Power Pack…I am wondering if you are going to take the whole amount or just withdraw as you ship the products…since some will be a much later date. I am using all your products for different recipes that I make. Thanks you and I would appreciate the information.

    • Awesome Louisette! Everything we have in stock will ship tomorrow. Then, the rest will ship immediately when available. Thank you so much for waiting on what’s backordered. πŸ™‚ -Christian

  • Jenney dee:

    What specifically would you recommend for a 73 year old lady who is quite active with a lot of back pain? Also do you offer a senior discount? I love your videos and am learning many new things from them. I admire your work, thanks for your response.

    • Ms. Dee,

      If you order now thru 1/1/2014 with coupon code ‘NEWYEARS’ your order is 15% off.

      Thank you so much – more videos and educational and inspirational content to come!

      Just from what you told me, I would say Longevity in a Bottle would be your 1st pick because of its wide therapeutic action on restoring the body’s reserves – which has a huge correlation to easing low back pain. Seeing a great chiropractor twice a week would be awesome as well. Second pick: He Shou Wu would be very nourishing to you, helping restore ‘jing’ your primal essence…or in more western wording, nourishing your adrenals and endocrine system health and antioxidant levels. 3rd pick: Mushroom Immunity – pure immune system bliss. Runner’s up: Maca Bliss may suit you – maybe not all the time, but at times it could be crucial, you’ll have to see for yourself. Longevity Spirulina will fill in nutritional gaps and help your body detoxify. Goji Joy will strengthen the body and boost happiness. Pearl and Levity would be great for your skin and calming the body and mind.

      Best to you,

  • Leah:

    Hi Christian, I live in Australia and wondering if there are any problems importing your products from us to aus. I wouldn’t want to order and then have customs take them from me. thanks Leah

    • Leah, so far, every shipment I have sent to Australia has sailed through customs. However, I cannot guarantee that yours would and would be disappointed if yours was the first to be denied or partially denied. I would say go for it anyways as usually customs only looks closely at larger wholesale orders. πŸ™‚ -Christian

  • Tyler Spence:

    Would it be okay to mix all these products into 1 drink in the mornings?

    • Tyler, yes! We do that all the time. Just start with smaller dosages and slowly work your way up. Each herb and formula synergies with the other πŸ™‚ -Christian

  • Andre Toppin:

    need a phone number to your store

  • Darin:

    Give me the super duper daily everything combination package to buy and ill order.

  • Benjamin Duru:

    Do you give free samples out? When is the best time during the day to take this?

    • Benjamin,

      No free samples, but please take 15% off your first items with code REPLENISH through the holidays. All our products are great in the morning and midday and most are great later in the day too. πŸ™‚

      • Benjamin Duru:

        Do you sell your products in tablet from? Teas?

        • Maybe one day. For now we specialize in extract powders, which keeps your cost way down and allows you to make delicious elixirs and superfood-amended recipes. Our extract powders basically are very advanced teas that have been optimally extracted and then dehydrated, so they are instant teas. πŸ™‚

          • Benjamin Duru:

            Are you familiar with the effects chaga has on the pineal gland? I think I stimulated my pineal gland lol. I don’t know if you understand that. Also where can I buy healthy digestive system healing water kefir drinks?

          • Benjamin,

            When it comes to the exact effects of my products on the pineal gland, I don’t say too much because not that much is known yet. I don’t like to hype anything, even though it is all the rage these days to say things ‘decalcify the pineal gland.’ I’m sure many of my products activate the pineal gland in a positive way.

            Many health foods stores carry coconut water kefir. You can make your own out of coconut water too:


  • Jessica Darling:

    How about someone who hasaid an opiate addiction, needs help coping, & needs sedation for a full nights sleep?

    • Hi Jessica,

      With addiction like this, the body needs a major system nutritional upgrade and a holistic lifestyle and diet-protocol rich in certain supplements, tonic herbs, healthy brain-nourishing fats, probiotics and more is key. Of my products, typically the top I would recommend for day-time support are Everlasting Youth (for women, nourish, destress, balance), Longevity in a Bottle (for men or women, nourish, destress, balance), Epic Reishi (mental clarity, anxiolytic, immune system), Revival Formula (rapidly nourish, elevate mood), and Glow He Shou Wu (recharge). For night time (night cap), Levity (nourish the yin, feel lifted, great replacement for opiate habit for natural high) and Pearl Extract (inner calm) combined with a natural sleep formula that contains melatonin could be very helpful. Let me know if you have any further questions. All the best to you. -Christian

  • J:

    Something for a 13 year old girl playing competitive soccer 5 times per week, to improve athletic performance and endurance, without the crash effect or mental drainage after the supplement has worn off.

    • J, she can take Mushroom Immunity, Goji Joy, Pearl Extract and Epic Reishi. At this time in her life I would need to know more about her development and state of health, but soon she may thrive with Maca Bliss, Everlasting Youth and Revival Formula as well, but she may be just a tad too young to need those right now. Stick with a foundation of medicinal mushrooms and Goji Joy at a minimum. πŸ™‚


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