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 Goji Joy

Goji Joy is 100% pure powdered 12X extract of goji berry standardized to at least 20% polysaccharides!

Goji Joy is the bliss inducing and immunity boosting goji berry extract powder with 10 times the power of whole Goji Berries! Candy-like sweetness but contains almost no fructose! Whole dried Goji berries are about 50% fructose, Goji Joy is about 5% fructose.
Goji JoyWhat makes goji berry such a nutritional superstar? For starters, unlike most tonic herbs and superfoods, goji actually tastes so good, kids and adults enthusiastically eat it everyday to boost their health. A stress-combating food-and-herb-in-one, this sacred berry is rich in antioxidants, protein, vitamins, trace minerals, and immune system boosting power.*
To top it off, Goji Joy extract has the fruit sugar removed making it mood stabilizing and more potent.* This is the perfect herbal treat for kids, those on a healing journey, and anyone eating low glycemic or low carb.


Ingredients: 100% 12:1 Full Spectrum Water Extract of Goji (Lycium barbarum) berries standardized to at least 20% polysaccharides.
No fillers, additives, synthetic ingredients, preservatives, flowing agents, GMO’s, dairy, or gluten.
Vegan, Gluten-Free and Packaged in the U.S.A.
Serving Size: 1 teaspoon (2000 mg). Mix in pure water, juice, nut mylk, soup, or smoothie. Have fun and live long!
  • 1 serving (1 teaspoon) of Goji Joy is the equivalent of a handful of 24 oz of whole dried goji berries, but without the average 12 grams of fructose.
  • The 14.1 oz bottle of Goji Joy extract is equivalent to over 10 pounds of whole dried goji berries!
  • The 3.5 oz bottle of Goji Joy is equivalent to over 2 pounds of whole dried goji berries!
Goji Joy


At our house we put Goji Joy in everything, but our favorite is to just take a spoonful of the dry powder and pop it straight into our mouths! It’s a powder so don’t inhale when you do so and follow with pure water. For having almost all the naturally occurring sugars removed, it’s still surprisingly sweet!” –Christian Bates, creator of Goji Joy and founder of Longevity Power

Goji Joy

*Results may vary from individual to individual, based on health conditions, diet, weight, physical exercise and lifestyle habits. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Individuals taking medications and those with known medical conditions should consult with their holistic physician before using this or any nutritional product.

14 Responses to “Goji Joy”

  • Diego:

    We consume dried goji berry regularly, how can we be sure that the powder form your company offers keeps intact all the antioxidants, particularly carotenoids such as beta-carotene and zeaxanthin… also I have not seen this presentation in traditional Chinese medicine, goji berries are eaten raw, brewed into a tea, added to soups, or made into liquid extracts. I am very interested in the process and understanding clearly if the powder form conserves all the goodness of the dry berries.

    • Diego,

      Great question. We take high quality goji berries and blend them into an extractor which uses pharmacuitical-level-purified hot water (carefully moderated not to exceed 90*C) and pressure reiteration to dissolve goji’s active nutrients. Then, using a micron strainer, we separate the enriched water from the fibers and sugars to create an extract liquid. Then we dry this liquid creating an instantly-water soluble room temperature stable powder: Goji Joy. Think of it as a very advanced tea or decoction – which is the traditional main way of consuming goji for 1000’s of years in Chinese Medicine. One taste of Goji Joy and you’ll find that with its rich and tasty flavor that it is loaded with nutrition. We always test for polysaccharides (immune strengthening carbohydrates) which range from 20-30% of Goji Joy. We have also tested for the presence of zeaxanthin and other carotenoids, amino acids (all 9 essential present) and many minerals.

      Diego – as a goji berry connoisseur I can assure you that Goji Joy not only conserves the goodness of goji, but concentrates its nutrients to therapeutic, easily digested and assimilated levels. I have found that I gain more energy and a greater feeling of revitalization with Goji Joy than I do from consuming the dried fruit which even when chewed well, I’m sure a lot is passing right through me.


  • Cat:

    Hi Christian. I am currently doing a keto diet due to insulin resistance and inability to lose weight. Sounds like your Goji Joy is low carb. Can you give me the info on that? I would like to try if It wont effect my ketosis. Thank you. Cat

    • Cat,

      Whole dried goji berries are about 50% fructose. Our Goji Joy is much lower and you’re only consuming a couple grams total at once, so less than a gram of simple sugar per serving. I am too on a very keto-style low gly lifestyle – have been for years as it’s the only thing that my body loves at this time. I am very sensitive to sugars and starches – and I can down TABLESPOONS of Goji Joy with absolutely no negative blood sugar effect. Also our Maca Bliss is much lower glycemic than raw or even gelatinized maca powders because so much of the sugars and starches are removed during the extraction process. Enjoy! -Christian

  • Linda:

    Hi Christian, I like the bowel stimulating aspect of soaked goji berries. Does the powder help with this also? And I assume that since it is low glycemic it is ok on a candida diet? Thanks, Linda

    • Linda, Goji Joy doesn’t quite have he demulcent qualities of soaked whole goji berries, however when blended in an elixir, the elixir becomes very soothing to the digestive tracked and will trigger peristalsis – and because its so low gly it won’t feed the critters. I personally live an anti-candida lifestyle so even when I consume extra large doses of Goji Joy I experience no feelings of having had sugar/glycemic food. -Christian

  • john luna:

    Goji Joy is the by far the best tasting Goji Ive ever had in any form..Ive tried nearly all of these longevity powders and they all are outstanding..The ones I havent tried yet are on backorder..Give this company my highest reccomendation!

  • Rich futrell:


    Is it the polysaccharide content that matters most in the Goji extract (in others words, does a higher percentage generally equal better product)? What is it in the goji berry that is supposed to help raise one’s HGH levels? I ask because I’m no goji expert and would like to know.


    • Hi Rich,

      The polysaccharides in goji (which are often considered unique polysaccharides found no where else) have been demonstrated to help so many conditions including cancers, kidney function, oxidative damage, neurotoxicity, insulin resistance, hypertension, blood clotting and more! Yes, they also have been shown to increase HGH levels. So they are the main ‘marker compound’ to increase in an extract (thus why we standardize each batch of Goji Joy to be 20-30% polysaccharides.) But goji is also rich in carotenoids, has 18 amino acids, and is a rich source of many vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. I think that all these nutrients play a synergistic role together in the human body. The extraction process removes most of the fructose and fiber, concentrating the good stuff just mentioned. Great question, Rich!


  • Alex:

    Do you have any lab reports

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