Used for thousands of years… Our signature potent extract…

‘Nature’s Ecstasy Herb can Help Restore Natural Hair Color…’ 

Glow He Shou Wu: Longevity Power’s 100% Pure Prepared He Shou Wu Root Extract Powder is for those who want to recharge and glow!

Glow He Shou Wu

Now available as extract made from Certified ORGANIC 1-9 year old roots!


Traditionally Used to

   •Youthen the Body

   •Help Reverse Gray Hair & Restore Natural Hair Color*

   •Strengthen Immunity*

   •Build Sexual Vitality*

   •Recharge Adrenals 

   •Induce Bliss


Delightfully rich, creamy, nutty, malty flavor!

Glow He Shou Wu 

He Shou Wu (aka Fo-Ti) is a mood-lifting, nerve calming, sexual power restoring adaptogen made famous by its anti-aging properties and ability to help eliminate gray hair.*
Our He Shou Wu roots are prepared by being boiled with black beans to increase their medicinal effects and then full spectrum extracted in pure hot water. We remove the fiber and concentrate the active compounds to create a soft powder with a malty-chocolate-like taste that lends itself to any life-promoting smoothie or elixir you mix it in. Prepare to recharge and glow!



Certified ORGANIC 1-9 year old roots formulation ingredients: 100% ORGANIC 16:1 Full Spectrum Water Extract of Prepared (boiled with Organic non-GMO black soybeans) He Shou Wu (Polygonum multiflorum) root.
No fillers, additives, synthetic ingredients, preservatives, flowering agents, GMO’s, dairy or gluten.
Serving Size: About 1/2 teaspoon (1.5g) Mix in water, elixir or smoothie. Take 1/4 to 3 teaspoons, 1-3 times day. Do not take larger doses before operating a vehicle or heavy machinery due to strong bliss-inducing effects which may impair your ability to be safe! Have fun and live long!


*Results may vary from individual to individual, based on health conditions, diet, weight, physical exercise and lifestyle habits. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Individuals taking medications and those with known medical conditions should consult with their holistic physician before using this or any nutritional product. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.

86 Responses to “Glow He Shou Wu”

  • Pare Jonathan:

    Would like to know the price for ‘He SHOU WU’ please i live in Auckland New Zealand.


    P Jonathan

  • Joseph:

    Does the soybeans being cooked with this leave the product having an estrogenic effect if not why.

    • Joseph,

      Really good question. The amount of black soybeans in the final extract is very small. You would get more phytoestrogens in a handful of most nuts and many seeds. The proprietary ratio of he shou wu roots to black soybeans is about 10:1. The soybeans disintegrate to an extent during the steeping. The he shou wu roots are removed and then extracted. Each step continues to reduce the amount of black soybean content, however there was still enough to properly ‘prepare’ the he shou wu and make it far less stool softening and far more tonic than raw he shou wu. 🙂

      -Christian Bates
      Founder, Longevity Power

  • Joseph:

    Thank you for the honest reply, looking forward to trying your products.

  • Becky:

    So for a person who started going gray at 17 – almost 30 years now, this could help to reverse back to my natural color? I’d say I’m about 40-50% gray now, so there’s lots of work to do. About how long would it take before I see results?

    • Becky, great question. What I have found is that He Shou Wu combined with healing-strategies combined well in your life to help you stop and reverse gray hair is where the magic is. In fact, all healing is never just 1 thing, it’s a permutation of therapeutic habits that get the trick done. You get to detox your body of heavy metals, radioactive materials, fungus/yeast growth and other toxins. You get to put as much nutrition, minerals, and antioxidants (He Shou Wu being a great source of these) into your body every day. Be diligent and have fun with the process. Track your hair over the next 12 months and see what happens. Also, make sure you get really good oils (ghee, fish oil, coconut oil, low omega 6 oils, etc) into your body. Set your mind to it, it is possible!


      • Juna:

        You mention ghee as a good oil…. there is much debate over the pros (Ayurveda) and cons (vegans) of ghee, what is your opinion about it and what makes it so medicinal? Is it superior to coconut oil or olive oil? Thank you for your excellent products and honest answers!

        • LongevityPower:

          I think ghee is really helpful for most people. Most vegans I know end up consuming ghee in the long term. I love its Vitamin K2, cholesterol, CLA, gut soothing, safe-to-cook-with effects (most of these properties are not in coconut oil and olive oil). 🙂

  • John:

    Just received He Shou Wu and that stuff is Potent!!! Has a nice calming effect and it is a bit blissful!! If it gets rid of my greys I’ll be even happier. It does have a unique minerally- almost iron taste-best mixed in a smoothie, as opposed to longevity in a bottle which I take straight off the spoon-delish stuff….my body craves it!!! Thanks for the amazing products!!

    • John, awesome! Although the dominant ‘dark roasted nuttiness’ flavor stands out, each batch of our He Shou Wu varies slightly in the metallic flavor your experience, which is a combination of astringency, iron, copper, zinc (all metals being naturally occurring DNA-created from the root itself), and antioxidant content. Enjoy! -Christian

  • RJ:

    Would like to know is it ok to take “he shou wu” along with “maca bliss”. I just ordered maca bliss & waiting for it’s arrival. Will it benefit me to take both.

    • He Shou Wu and Maca Bliss go really great together – serious adrenal and sexual health restoring power! Maca is ‘yang’ and He Shou Wu is ‘yin’ so they balance and compliment each other very well. Also their malty flavors go great together! Often herbs and foods – even if they grow literally half way around the world from each other – synergize – meaning the effect of taking both can be greater than the sum of the parts. -Christian, Founder Longevity Power

  • Cj:

    I have read that He Shou Wu can harm the liver. Is it safe for the liver?

    • CJ, thank you for asking! He Shou Wu is considered safe and healthful for most livers. However, a very compromised liver may have difficulty processing anything extremely rich in nutrients. Enjoy!

  • Dezzi Eros:

    In your research, have you found any connections between hepatotoxicity and using this product? Id like to get my mom some but not if it has the potential to make things worse. Sure has no known liver issues. She doesn’t drink, smoke or take aspirin.

    • Dezzi, good question. He Shou Wu only becomes liver toxic if used in excessively large ongoing dosages (in fact, any food or herb becomes toxic when over used). So, you mother can enjoy recommended dosages, and take breaks. Like 3 weeks on, 1 week off. 🙂 -Christian

  • drew:

    Have you had any post result with people for reverse graying hair?

    • Drew, great question. He Shou Wu is commonly known in Asia as reversing gray hair, however there is no 1 cure proven for everybody that reverses grey hair – we would have heard of that already, right? Instead, each body has its own set of reasons for graying (toxins, hormone levels, stress, mineral and nutrient levels, etc), and an individualized combination of strategies could stop or reverse this graying. He Shou Wu – in all its nutritional glory – may be a huge puzzle piece for someone in preventing, stopping or reversing gray hair. I would recommend getting your hair and blood checked for heavy metals, radioactive isotopes, toxins and hormones, and use that data to redevelop a lifestyle plan that promotes lustrous hair and track your results with monthly pictures.

      This thinking can be applied to nearly all ailments/imbalances/disease – there are foods/herbs known for greatly helping most people most of the time, but the ‘cure’ is in your particular, dynamic set of foods, herbs, formulas, exercise, avoiding stressers, and all strategies that are timed right for you. Take charge and try new foods/activities weekly so as to improve this process and allow for greater opportunity to improve your health at all times! -Christian

  • deborah:

    Are the products sold all in one unit or separate?

  • Dania:

    Hi! I have purchased the He Shou Wu. May I know if my mother (having hot flashes) is able to consume it? Is this herb heaty? Thank you 🙂

    • Dania, prepared he shou wu is slightly warming. However, many menopausal women enjoy it in between hot flashes. Same could be said for Maca Bliss (warming, but still helpful when timed well and combined with cooling herbs). During hot flashes LEVITY Red Asparagus could be an excellent tonic. Let me know if you have any more questions like this 🙂 -Christian

  • John:

    How long would it take to reduce a few slight grey hairs using your power. and how much do I have to take a day..

    • John, great question. I’m going to reiterate here what I said in response to a similar question, on how He Shou Wu can be a huge puzzle piece within a greater strategy for restoring hair color.

      He Shou Wu is commonly known in Asia as reversing gray hair, however there is no 1 cure proven for everybody that reverses grey hair – we would have heard of that already, right? Instead, each body has its own set of reasons for graying (toxins, hormone levels, stress, mineral and nutrient levels, etc), and an individualized combination of strategies could stop or reverse this graying. He Shou Wu – in all its nutritional glory – may be a huge puzzle piece for someone in preventing, stopping or reversing gray hair. I would recommend getting your hair and blood checked for heavy metals, radioactive isotopes, toxins and hormones, and use that data to redevelop a lifestyle plan that promotes lustrous hair and track your results with monthly pictures.

      This thinking can be applied to nearly all ailments/imbalances/disease – there are foods/herbs known for greatly helping most people most of the time, but the ‘cure’ is in your particular, dynamic set of foods, herbs, formulas, exercise, avoiding stressers, and all strategies that are timed right for you. Take charge and try new foods/activities weekly so as to improve this process and allow for greater opportunity to improve your health at all times!

      Dosage wise, start small, then increase amount and frequency. Get it in your body often – sneak it in elixirs, soups, smoothies, desserts, etc. -Christian

  • Amy:

    Hi Christian.

    I am forty years old and estrogen dominant. My system does best when I avoid estrogenic foods, herbs and nutrients and supplement with progesterone.

    Is this an okay herb for me to try given the above?

    Thank you.

    • Amy,

      If I were you, I would use He Shou Wu as an herb with androgenic qualities. The black soy bean extract in it is in a trace amount that contains only a trace amount of phytoestrogens (many phytoestrogens are actually good for us anyways). You may also wish to look at Maca Bliss and Longevity in a Bottle to help perfect your endocrine system 🙂


  • sidem:

    I used the capsules of fo ti root and when I was brushing my hair I couldn’t help but notice.. the bottom of my hair was my natural colour then the middle was grey and the top was growing back my natural colour. I was using molasses capsule with it too but that was making my hair shed a lot for some reason. I have faith in the powder and will be trying it so I can stay natural as oppose to dying my hair every month or so.

    • Sidem,

      Awesome! Please do us all a favor and take pictures of your hair roots, perhaps weekly or monthly, tracking your hair color progress and He Shou Wu and nutritional regimen. I’d be very interested to see your ‘before and afters!’


  • Aman:

    Hi, will this help greying beard too??

    • Aman, for a man, it is known to help restore hair color for hair on any part of the body, especially the beard, chest and back. In most men, the beard will most likely be the first place to notice results. That said, He Shou Wu actually works when the unique causes of one’s graying are addressed as well. Develop a lifestyle strategy to nourish your hair, skin and hormones and use He Shou Wu as a major portion of the equation. 🙂 -Christian

  • Ash:

    Thank you for sharing this.
    I read in the nutrition books that Stevia in certain doses causes the brain to shrink. Can i use agava instead?

    • Ash, this is definitely not true stevia. Stevia is by far the safest and gentlest sweetener. Of course you can use any other sweeteners you deem wholesome and workable for your body 🙂


  • seema jain:


    good to see youth involved in these things,makes a huge difference in generation

  • Victor:

    Hi Christian,
    Just wanted to ask about origin of the herbs you are using. where Are they grown?


  • hey is this in a glass container? are your products in glass containers?

  • kiran:

    Hi I’m from India interested in buying “Ho shou wu” prepared powder.
    I don’t carry a credit card, so is there any other way to buy this product online.
    Need to buy it ASAP currently working in one of the most polluted cities.
    Loosing hair i’m just 28………..plz mail me the info to my mail id.

    • Kiran, are you able to use PayPal (can link to your bank account instead of a credit/debit card)? You may check out with PayPal with my online store. Let me know.

      I would highly recommend Longevity in a Bottle and Maca Bliss as well for vitality, detox, and hair health. 🙂


      • kiran:

        Thanks for the reply christian,see I have hair thinning problem as well as gray hair.
        I thought Ho shou wu alone will help in hair thickening and reversing gray hair but now with your recommendation I’m really confused.

        currently I’m taking green coffee dietary supplement to lose weight.

        Now you know my condition rite!:-)

        As you know your products more than me please suggest me a product which will work 100% for my requirements.

        I’m really frustrated with my condition and ending up using many products with no results.

        I’m holding a debit card instead can I use it for the purchase.
        NOTE:-plz suggest one product which meets my requirement….can’t afford multiple products:-(

        • kiran:

          hey christian ,Forgot to mention is it okay to continue the green coffee suplement along with your products???

        • Kiran,

          Based on what you said, I think you would get the biggest and most wide ranging effects with Longevity in a Bottle. In fact, Longevity in a Bottle was created for situations like yours. It’s totally fine to take with green coffee extract. 🙂

          You know what Kiran, many people become complacent with their declining health, so that fact that you feel frustrated and care is good. I invite your to transform that frustration into a proactive energy – which you are by reaching out to me here – and continue to refine your diet, your fitness, and how you hold your body, thoughts, and emotions, and like an epic sculpture continue to chip away at the masterpiece that your are everyday. 🙂


  • dave:

    Hey, I have been watching your videos and like the energy I get from you. I am a spiritualist and have been studying neurology and the link between the brain and happiness. I live a blissful life already however I would like to have the natural energy and calming affects I would like to not feel “stuck” in a sense. What would you recommend for someone who wants to think clearly and reach complete internal blissfulness along with the ability to utilize the body mind and spirit as a whole. Thanks, dave

    • Dave,

      As your body changes, as does your mind. Your vast question could have even vaster answers. Sticking with my tonic herbs though, I would put He Shou Wu as 3rd or 4th most important along with Longevity in a Bottle for meditation-enhancing mental clarity. But the top 2 are Epic Reishi and Levity. These 2 herbs will lube up your bliss state very nicely. Let me know how it is after 2 weeks of consistent use and practice. 🙂


  • Maggie:

    Hi christian
    I am working on my functional nutrition to reduce affects of rheumatoid arthritis . I take prescribed drugs . Hoping that the tonics will be helpful in managing stress. Any comments about this wou7ld be helpful
    thanks Maggie.

    • Maggie,

      As you know I can’t make recommendations based on your arthritis or prescription use, but I have found that the many underlying causes of arthritis and the terrain of calcification it creates can be affected positively. Tonic herbs strengthen the immune system and have a gentle anti-inflammatory effect which may help you gradually chip away at your challenges. Be remorseless in your research and daily health practices. Nature has your back if you’re willing to do what it takes for what your body needs.


  • Sheetal:

    I am Sheetal from India ,I am 31 and have 40% of grey hair,volume is also reducing.may I know if this product is available in my india and also is there any side effect for this…thanks

    • LongevityPower:

      Hi Sheetal,

      It may help, along with a whole lifestyle of healing, nourishing and detoxing your hair follicles. I’m not sure what’s available more locally to you, however its most likely not as potent or tasty as our he shou wu. 1st class shipping with us is quite reasonable.

      He Shou Wu is considered a tonic with no side effects. However, I do warn that if you take a mega dose you will be in an intense bliss (because of the naturally occurring MAO-I’s in it) making it unsafe to drive or operate heavy machinery for a couple hours. 😉 Start with a lower dosage as recommended on the bottle.

      Blessings to you and your health and hair color revitalizing goals!


  • Juna:

    Due to financial constraints I can’t afford to buy all your products, so which would you recommend as an overall safety net for a couple in their late 50s? I’m not looking for a bliss state but want to stay balanced and not raise blood pressure ~~ would just the Longevity in a Bottle cover all the bases or would the Levity alone do the trick? Many thanks, you and Bethanne are amazing!!!

    • LongevityPower:


      Longevity in a Bottle was made especially for you and your situation. It will give you so much without you having to delve into other products. I’d recommend getting Longevity in a Bottle in your body right away so it can work its immediate and cumulative vitalizing effects. As you experience the benefits first hand, and as your budget expands, other products like Levity would be helpful as well (though Levity is an ingredient in Longevity in a Bottle). Whatever you do, enjoy the process!


  • ronald:

    Hi, would he shou Wu regrow lost hair due to dht issues?

    • Ronald,

      Good question. There is no evidence that I’m aware of that he shou wu would directly help dht-induced hair loss. That said, he shou wu could be used as a major puzzle piece in one’s overall hair health and growth strategy as it does help nourish the body’s endocrine system and can be help one balance their hormone levels with it’s rich content of minerals and antioxidants. As could my other products Maca Bliss and Longevity in a Bottle. I would get your blood tested thoroughly and regularly (including for both hormone levels and heavy metal levels) and make appropriate changes to up level your health strategy in all possible ways you can think of. 🙂


  • Beverly Short:

    I bought the 100 gram bottle of GLOW at the Longevity Conference in Anaheim this past April. In my first week of making a morning and evening tea with just an 1/8 tsp, I had experienced such marked changes that my patients and co-workers are pelting me with questions as to what have I been doing to my skin, my body and my hair. After the second week, I’ve had to beat the men away with a stick, seriously! So, at 57, my youthful blonde hair is starting to grow back, my skin looks amazing,(my 21 year old co-worker called me “Flawless” my eyes are bright and clear and I got asked out 4 times in one week. I’m not going, of course because, they are much too young! So, thank you for producing this He Shou Wu!

  • shanti:

    Hello 🙂
    I am a 23 years old female. I got my blood test done and I have high DHEA-S and aluminium.
    The DHEA-S is because my body produces too many androgenes. I wanted to try He Shou Wu for my hairloss but now I am confused. I have to decrease my androgen in my body but you mentioned this herb is androgenic so this would worsen my situation?
    Hope you can answer me :))
    Btw do u also know how i can decrease the aluminium in my blood?

    • Hi Shanti,

      Based on everything you said and all the I know about He Shou Wu, I don’t see how it would exacerbate your situation in terms of DHEA-S. I use the term androgenic liberally to differentiate it from an estrogenic food. I imagine He Shou Wu could help your situation, at least indirectly.

      I would use zeolites as a top strategy for safely removing aluminum.

      Best of luck to you. Keep stacking strategies and it seems like you can turn this situation around and learn a lot about your body along the way!


      • shanti:

        Thx christian for your reply^^
        So what you mean is he shou wu would not boost the production of androgenes? I am so afraid that it could worsen the hair loss T.T

        • Shanti, I have studied hormones quite a bit but when it comes to refining something like this, I’m afraid I don’t have the answer as there are so many factors. For example, He Shou Wu can increase SOD which is great for (usually increasing) healthy levels of DHEA – which is confusing, as you’d think more SOD would be great for anybody. but in your case…

          My understanding is that your solution for healthy DHEA levels will be made using certain strategies regardless of your He Shou Wu intake.

          I’d say talk to a real hormone-savvy naturopath(s) and figure out the exact hormonal cascades you need to effect. (If you do, please reply with what you’ll be doing or the research that indicates a good natural protocol.) Thank you.

  • Zvi:

    My hair started thinning at a ridiculously young age, around 11 or 12 but initially was mildly curly and very thick so it wasn’t until around 15-16 anyone began to even notice besides me. At 17 I began to shave my head regularly, I can still grow a head of hair now at 21 but I am noticeably balding, everywhere is thinning not just the top of the head actually. The idea of taking Propecia or Rogaine seems ridiculous as they are very unhealthy and you’re lifelong dependent on them to keep results. Hair transplants seem ridiculous.

    I tried taking He Shou Wu about a year ago, but my diet and life style were rather poor. As an athlete I finally forced myself to get a healthier diet and life. Now I’m willing to try herbs again, my main interest in He Shou Wu is hair regrowth all the other benefits are just perks to me. So much question is how much should I take a day and are there certain herbs best to take in conjunction with He Shou Wu in regards to hair health and regrowth? Thank you.

    • Hi Zvi,

      You wouldn’t be my only customer with alopecia using tonic herbs as a potential remedy. Because of the complexity of the autoimmune condition, what exactly could turn your condition around is unknown, but I am open minded that you could crack the code for yourself, in a sense, by stacking multiple modalities, foods, herbs, supplements and lifestyle choices to turn this issue around. I’m not sure what that is exactly, but I personally believe the solution is doable somehow. Though Glow He Shou Wu, Longevity in a Bottle, Everlasting Youth and Mushroom Immunity could be your top stack to get your immune system strengthened, you may need to look at other issues (your hormones, heavy metals, other toxins, imbalances from both a physiological point of view as well as from a Chinese Medicine perspective) and address them by refining your food choices and taking certain supplements. Getting mold exposure down to near zero (both from environment and foods) might be huge too.

      Stay in touch. Keep us updated. I’m rooting you on.


  • Sara:

    Hi Christian!

    I just purchased an 8 product package from Bethanne’s Etsy and am still researching! hehe. Came across this page from your most recent email sent to us about oh holy He Shou Wu =D

    With EVY (which already has He Shou Wu in it), would putting both that, the He Shou Wu, and some of the others like Reishi or Mushroom Immunity be overdosing? I don’t know if I should (when I receive these 8 products) use just one in each morning smoothie or if I should mix several. I am currently using Bethanne’s EVY and have been since April (though I had a rash over my liver for a while as my body was detoxing and like you said above, my liver couldn’t process all the high nutrient food I was all of a sudden giving it). I just now worked my way up to a full teaspoon a day after these last 8 months.

    What is your advise on mixing and combining all of these herbs? And if you already have an article about it I can follow that link so that you don’t have to write your heart out here.

    With Gratitude,

    • Hi Sara,

      Great question. I combine my products together into one elixir or recipe all the time. Tonics work great like that (synergy!) That said, upping the dosages and/or combining multiple dosages too much too fast can occasionally result in detox/die-off type symptoms, so start with less and gradually build up as you have been doing. The blended products and my individual herbal extracts are here just for this purpose, to combine in different ways as needed to give you the biggest benefit on your health possible. 🙂 Have fun!


  • Zeeabd:

    Hey Christian. How long does he shou wu take to reverse white hair?

    • Good question. I suggest using our Glow he shou wu as a major puzzle piece within a holistic strategy for restoring hair color. You may wish to have your blood and hair tested for things like heavy metals, radiation, hormone levels, mineral deficiencies, nutrient levels and more. Everyone has their own set of issues – including stress – that cause hair to start greying. He shou wu by itself might make a difference, but definitely not in all cases, better to get to know your ‘issues in your tissues’ and combine he shou wu with protocols that address everything you can think of. Then take a picture of your hair and closeup of your hair/scalp every month for a year and report back! Restoring hair color naturally has been done, would love to see you do it too! Good luck!


  • Dudi:

    Do you take he shou wu with food or after food.
    Can you also tell me is it better on an empty stomach?

    • Hi Dudi,

      Both ways work wonderfully. So if you have it first thing in the morning in a water based elixir, or if you blend it into a smoothie or healthy treat, it will absorb and be fully effective in your body. 🙂


  • Margie:

    There are many factors in loss of hair and there are hair clinics that can tell you what each individual issue is, however, if you are using hair products with sulfate S and toxins, you are already killing your roots Evan as a child! Also too much male hormones can create DHT BLOCKERS to plug your roots and kill the hair roots. I do much research on many health issues and check all reviews on everything!

  • Kate:

    Can this product be used if a person suffers from petit seizures and is being managed successfully with medication?

    • Kate, I am unable to say definitively at this time. Most likely but I can’t say for certain in regards to your seizures or the medication. 2 important things I suggest:

      1. Research the ketogenic diet. I’m on my own version of it, have been for about 4 years. Love it. Before it became widely regarded for its performance and anti-aging effects, it was originally medically used to treat seizures and cancer.
      2. Find a qualified Chinese Medicine doctor and have them diagnose your health and have them review my products and see what they suggest.


  • Eli:

    Dear Christian,
    just wondering if so far someone has reported back with pictures taken over the months. If it is the case could you please share results with us? I am quite hopeful! Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Eli,

      Over the years, I have asked people to take regular close up pictures of their hair/scalp. No one has reported back yet.That said, he shou wu is still worthy of adding to your hair health stack! 🙂


  • Ana:

    If someone is already estrogen dominant, would this not be a good tonic?

  • Poonam: can i get this in India?

    • Poonam, yes I have shipped Glow to India before. Please select International shipping during checkout – or if order is $297+ USD shipping is free. Let me know if you have any further questions. 🙂 -Christian

  • Linda:

    I’ve been using He Shou Wu for 3 months now and have a couple of questions. I’ve read that it detoxifies the body. I suppose every person’s bodies are different but could you give me an estimate on how long it takes to do that? Assuming the person is healthy and all. I recently had my cholesterol checked. My total cholesterol was high and my LDL cholesterol was too. I’m just wondering if its because my body is still getting the toxins out?

    • Hi Linda,

      He Shou Wu nourishes the body such that the body is better equipped to detox. It’s not directly detoxifying. Consider HSW as a major puzzle piece in stacking a lifestyle’s worth of habits that cause the body to nourish and detox sustainably. 🙂


  • Dori:

    There are so many tonics to choose from. Are these safe to mix together or is it overkill? I’d like better hair health, color and thickness but also would like my mental health, clarity and focus sharpened. While I’m at it beautiful skin would be great along with feeling less stressful. Last but not least weight loss. What is your recommendation for a 64 year old woman?

    • Hi Dori,

      All LP products combine wonderfully together, so no overkill, just synergy. Your top 3 picks based on what you’ve said could be Everlasting Youth, Mushroom Immunity and Glow. Then 2nd place I’d put Longevity in a Bottle, Revival and Maca Bliss!

      Let me know if you have any more questions.

      -Christian Bates

  • Nils:

    Hi, I read that He Shou Wu has high zinc levels and am concerned that there may not be enough copper… do you have info on the actual levels of these minerals?


    • Hi Nils,

      Good question. I don’t have zinc and copper data on our he shou wu extracts. There are differing opinions on how much natural copper (and unnatural) one should allow in there body. Most people are deficient in zinc and need plenty of bioavailable zinc to compensate for stress. I find that combining he shou wu with lots of really high quality animal products as well as taking certain zinc supplements is a great way to insure I’m getting how much I need to thrive. I’d like to study copper more to get a greater understanding of it.


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