Longevity in a Bottle is the most intriguing herbal formula today:

41 of the world’s greatest superfoods and herbs concentrated into the ultimate elixir of health!Longevity in a Bottle
WHO?  Today, more people are waking up to the fact that there is a bombardment of stress and pollution that depletes and ages even the most determined individual. Fortunately, nature has your back. Enter: Longevity in a Bottle.
WHAT? Longevity in a Bottle is the most comprehensive nutritional food-medicine ever created. It’s a synergistic blend of the world’s most revitalizing, anti-aging, and deeply energizing superfoods and herbal extracts designed to nourish you to live at your best!
WHY? Your ancestors thrived on the daily use of superfoods and tonic herbs. For 1,000 generations, every human culture perfected the use of local flora and recorded how each promoted health, yet only a few substances were revered as the most powerful for daily use. Longevity in a Bottle is comprised of humanity’s best of the best time-tested plants and mushrooms.
Longevity in a BottleWHERE? Taoist tonic herbs from Asia, Ayurvedic herbs from India, medicinal mushrooms from Siberia, top folk herbs from Europe, powerhouse plants from Pacific coastal traditions, and sacred superfoods from the Americas have all been cast through space and time to arrive in your hands, now.
HOW? At Longevity Power, we collect only the highest quality superfoods and herbs from trusted sources, prepared using only the most leading-edge extraction methods – a quality you can FEEL in every spoonful.


How to use:  Mix in pure water, juice, nut milk, soup, or smoothie. Start with 1/4 teaspoon, 1-2 times per day. Gradually during 1 month increase to 1-3 teaspoons, 1-3 times per day. Take consistently, then take breaks (e.g. 3 weeks on, 1 week off). Have fun and live long!
No time in history has humanity desperately needed access to the health and vigor that our ancestor’s once knew, than now! All ingredients in Longevity in a Bottle are adaptogens which promote vitality and immunity by nourishing the body’s ability to adapt to toxic and stressful environments, something we can all relate to.

Longevity in a Bottle

Longevity in a Bottle

We acquire and blend our elite quality ingredients while setting the organic and green standard in the wellness industry. Longevity in a Bottle is a vegan product and contains no fillers or flowing agents, and is comprised only of 41 of the world’s greatest superfoods and herbs.


From the desk of Christian Bates, founder of Longevity Power Inc. and formulator of Longevity in a Bottle:
Longevity in a Bottle is the culmination of my 13 years work in the organic food world. Seeing people of every age light up when they take my products, and transform from rags to riches with regard to their health and quality of life, makes me feel like I am doing my part to make life that much better… and to me, THAT is success!
To your greatest health,
Christian Bates


*Results may vary from individual to individual, based on health conditions, diet, weight, physical exercise and lifestyle habits. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Individuals taking medications and those with known medical conditions should consult with their holistic physician before using this or any nutritional product. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.

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  • Debbie:

    Hi Christian,
    Does this mean that the Rocket Hub supporters orders will ship on or beforee October 31st as well ?
    Thank you can’t wait (;

    • longevitypower:

      Debbie, I’m working real hard to get most of RocketHub supporters shipped by the 10th, followed immediately by manufacturing more Longevity in a Bottle to be able to ship to everyone else, hence why we are still doing a pre-sale as we catchup on inventory. Thank you for helping me charge through the excitement of launching a startup!

      • Debbie:

        I am Reeaallyy excited I’m sorry if I’m being a nuisance, I truly will wait as long as it take’s, but every time you guys post something about it, I get even more EXCITED !!!!!!! I’m sure you are really working hard at getting this Product out.
        I’ll be totally Stoked when the time is right for me to receive it !!!! Take care *

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  • Deidre:

    Hi 🙂 I really want to purchase this product, however am wondering of it safe for mothers who are breast feeding?

    • Deidre,

      Really good question. Depending on the herbalist you talk to, you’ll get different opinions. I would say it’s not bad occasionally, but it’s not 100% guaranteed safe and tested on pregnant woman and breastfeeding woman for daily use, so I would advise against daily use of Longevity in a Bottle or Maca Bliss at the very least until you are done breastfeeding. All the herbs are tonic (safe for daily use) but some like ginseng and maca have sterols that may not be ideal for babies (some herbalists say that they ARE ideal for babies, but there is not enough testing to verify). This is something I will continue to study.

      In the mean time your best bet is to delve gently into our other products which are excellent for breastfeeding and pregnancy: Goji Joy and Longevity Spirulina. Just avoid take large doses that could trigger detox causing more toxins to show up in breast milk. Thank you!

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  • Jason:

    What do you recommend for someone dealing with an autoimmune disease like alopecia areata? Thanks for your help.

    • Jason,

      If I had this I would take full care of myself, super nourish the body, cleanse heavy metals, purge fungus/parasites, and look real close at thyroid health. A holistic approach done just the right way for you.

      Mushroom Immunity, Longevity in a Bottle and He Shou Wu are our most immunological substances we have, and are great for the hair. These are adaptogens with a double-directional effects on the immune system (according to many cases, these herbs cool off autoimmune conditions and help the immune system become more intelligent).

      I have to say this: These product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Individuals taking medications and those with known medical conditions should consult with their holistic physician before using this or any nutritional product.

      You can do it Jason! Be willing to do what it takes!
      -Christian Bates
      Founder, Longevity Power

      • Jason:

        Thank you Christian! Will these 3 products help clean out the heavy metals and or fungus/parasites? Currently, I’m using natural herbs such as neem, mastic gum, manuka honey, and diatomaceous clay to help with metals/fungus and parasites. I take all natural multivitamin/superfood as well and eat mostly organic foods. Fresh fruits/vegetables + wild salmon as well. Trying to alkalize and nourish my body as much as possible. Not sure if I should continue eating fruit or not (sugar could be feeding the problem). I would love to add these 3 products to my regimen and hear your thoughts on how I can take my health to a new level. I know you are not providing medical advice but any initial thoughts/guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!! – Jason

        • Emily:

          Hi Jason,

          Your question spoke to me and it looks like you may still need an answer! Try researching “Chelating Herbs” like Cilantro and definitely adding copious amounts of Algae’s such as Chlorella or Spirulina (Longevity Power has a product which tastes pretty good). Algae’s are great for pulling heavy metals. Of course, this is a detoxifying effect and the Diatom Clay or Zeolites will aid in grabbing/passing what your cells/tissue release so as not to reabsorb into the bloodstream. In my research, any sugar (including Manuka) will feed parasites and fungus. However, I don’t believe that the total amount of sugars in Longevity in a Bottle will be detrimental to your health as there are FAR MORE benefits to outweigh the risk. At the end of the day, only you will know what works for you! Also, look into adding more cultured (fermented) foods like Coconut Kefir’s (which are very easy to make yourself) into your daily diet too. For reference and education, check out Donna Gates’s Body Ecology Diet.

          Be well,

          • Emily, I concur on all your points, thank you. Jason, thank you for waiting for a response! Yes, Longevity in a Bottle has almost no simple sugars and no fillers, so it has nothing to feed the critters, only to fend against them. Tonic herbal extracts are lower in sugar than anything which is what makes them such universal nourishment. 🙂 -Christian

  • What is the dosage of “Longevity in a bottle”-75g? Is it two teaspoons per day,two teasppons two times per day or two teaspoons three times per day? What is the shipping charge? How long will this bottle last? Zip code is 29456-6916.

    • Hi Charles,

      How to use Longevity in a Bottle: 1. Start with a ½ teaspoon, 1-3 times a day, mixed in pure water, juice, nut mylk, soup, or smoothie. 2. During your first month of usage, gradually increase to 2 teaspoons, 1-3 times a day. 3. Use daily. Take 1 week off every 2 months. Have fun and live long! The 75g bottle is 15 FULL servings, and you can stretch that out as long as you see fit.

      $8 to ship US Mail Priority.

      Thanks for reaching out!

      Founder, Longevity Power

  • sharon samtur:

    Isn’t it hard for the body to process 60 different ingredients in one tea, even thought they are wonderful….doesn’t the body get confused. The body, especially to colon, likes simplicity.????

    • Sharon, great question. I find that the body doesn’t get confused. In fact, sets of comprehensive herbal formulas (containing in total dozens of tonic herbs safe for near daily use) have been traditionally used for thousands of years. And these days we need them more than ever to help our body detox the 75,000 man-made chemicals unleashed in industrial-sized amounts into our environment. A few dozen herbs is nothing compared to the diverse toxins we have each been uniquely exposed to. This is my perspective on the issue. Whether you choose to try Longevity in a Bottle or not, definitely add in at least few tonic herbs to your life to super-charge your body into being the very best it can be with long term cumulative longevity-promoting benefits! 🙂


  • Gloria Bottaro:

    This is an aboslutely fantastic product. I’m so impressed, Christian! I add it to my green smoothies in the morning and it keeps me bright-eyed all day long. I recently had to work long hours and missed out on many hours of sleep. Due to Longevity In A Bottle I was easily able to handle the missing z’s and bounced back immediately. In the past without this product this just did not occur, and it took several days to recover. I will definitely be ordering more. Thank you so much!!

  • Elizabeth:

    Hi, I would like to know if this product will shrink fibroids in the uterus? Thank you.

    • Elizabeth, if I had fibroids (and a uterus) I would definitely look at tonic herbs and superfood extracts as a big chunk of my full healing strategy. I would look at our product Longevity in a Bottle as something that helps detox and nourish the body to create a body environment that does not allow for fibroids to continue to exist. I would also look at systemic enzymes and working with a qualified holistic physician to test for hormones and nutrient profiles to make more detailed corrective measures. Maca Bliss is particularly helpful for most women in helping correct ‘estrogen dominance.’ I would read ‘The Hormone Cure’ by Dr. Gottfried and ‘Body Ecology Diet’ by Donna Gates. Elizabeth, please let me know how your situation progresses and don’t hesitate to ask any more questions. Our office line is open. 415 448 5804. -Christian

  • Alex:

    Everything in this sounds absolutely magical especially after my few years exploring the world of tonic herbalism. My only concern for a young man such as myself is the pine pollen extract. I have been told by the folks at surthrival that pine pollen might not be the best idea since I am still young (23) and my hormones might night function properly if I take too much pollen. Any thoughts?

    Thanks so much! yall are awesome!

    • Alex, each full dose of Longevity in a Bottle has the equivalent in pine pollen extract to about 1.5 grams of whole cracked cell wall pine pollen – which is enough to bolster the body with phytoandrogens, but may not be overkill for young men like us – and is certainly more of a maintenance amount for most body types. In my experience, I thrive with a little (or a lot) extra phytotestosterone in my blood.

      You’re going to have to make a decision based on your own experience – and maybe combine that with some blood work analysis. Pine pollen is gentle – say compared to deer antler. Another idea: Try Longevity in a Bottle but go off-on – like 4 weeks on, 4 weeks off.

      Best to you Alex,

      • Alex:

        Thanks so much for the reply!
        I don’t mind having extra testosterone in my blood. My only concern is that when I came off of it my body wouldn’t be able to produce the hormones on its own anymore since it had been acquiring them from an external source. I have heard of this as a possibility and just wanted to make sure I wasn’t in danger of it. This has never been an issue for you? I have heard that the pollen in its powder form it much gentler. Is this extract alcohol extracted or just left in its powder form?

        Thanks again!

        • Alex, it’s a 10:1 hot water extract of pine pollen – which allows for a full spectrum of water and lipid soluble active compounds to be concentrated into a water-soluble powder.

          I must defer to the idea that all foods and herbs must be rotated – it’s the natural way. So whether pine pollen or almonds, we must take breaks or develop tolerance or allergens to substances overdone. 🙂

  • Alex:

    Hey Christian! couple more questions:

    Does the pressurized method of extracting the herbs create a friction(and therefore heat) that cooks off vital constituents in the herbs for them to function optimally?

    How is the iodine content of the Wakame? and same question applies to this when applying the pressure or heat..

    LOVE the update you’ve made. so happy to see a seaweed in there!!!!
    Love the work you do man. Much appreciation! Peace.

    • Alex,

      Great questions. All of my herbs are extracted in <90*C, much lower than a home brewed tea. Each extraction is tweaked based on the herb and marker compounds we're looking for. All focus goes into maximizing vital constituents, not cooking them off.

      The Organic Wakame Fucoidan Extract from Patagonia in Longevity in a Bottle is low in iodine because the iodine is in a different fraction from the fucoidan (amazingly healthful algae polysaccharide). You'd get more iodine eating whole wakame or other kelps (but much less fucoidan). I am working on a seaweed based iodine product, but it may take a while to source and perfect.


  • Are the exact mg’s of each ingredient available?

    • Vito, I choose a happy medium between keeping my trade secrets, but also disclosing as much as I can so you know what you’re getting. Everything is a potent extract – no fillers! How about this, you name which herbs you are most interested, and I will tell you the milligrams as well as extract specifications per serving. -Christian

  • Amazing product, I can’t wait to start taking it! Would I be able to attain the exact mg of each individual ingredient?

  • Please discard my last comment, I forgot that I had already asked and just saw your answer. The herbs I am most interested in knowing the exact mg are: Black Maca Root, Ashwagandha, Mucuna, Panax Ginseng, & Pine Pollen. These herbs were all on my to buy list, so I was pretty excited to see them all included in your product.

    Thanks a million!

    • Vito, here you are:

      Per 5000mg serving:
      350 mg Black Maca 10:1 Dual Extract
      150 mg Ashwagandha Extract
      100 mg Mucuna 15% L-DOPA Extract
      100 mg Panax ginseng 20% ginsenosides extract
      75 mg Pine Pollen 10:1 Extract


  • Thanks Christian! 🙂

  • Dezzi Eros:

    Hey, Christian.
    My fiance and i are planning a month long road trip across the country. We will be mostly camping, using findaspring.com for fresh water along the way. What foods and product would you bring on a journey like this? what would be your protocol? (Your products and also other items that would be helpful) Thanks in advance!

  • Liv:

    Hello! I am very happy to try all of your products but I have questions, Can I use it durning pregnancy and breastfeeding? Thank you very much, have a lovely day.

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  • Beth:

    Hi Christian,
    Could you advise me what I could take to improve hereditary hair loss, I’ve had problems with my hair since my early teens and now in my mid 30’s still haven’t found a solution. My hair goes through phases of shedding from quite bad to terrible, I was advised to take He Shou Wu but I’m currently breast-feeding (baby 11 mths old) so I’m not sure what I can take, any advice would be hugely appreciated!
    Many thanks in advance! Beth

    • Beth,

      If I were you I would get a full blood analysis and see what your hormones are up to, heavy metals, other toxins, mineral levels, radioactivity. You can also have your hair tested. There might be some pronounced results (such as a spiked heavy metal load or certain deficiencies), there might not be, but it is good info to use to refine your hair-health strategies.

      Yeah, I can’t say daily He Shou Wu during breastfeeding is recommended, but of my products Goji Joy, Epic Reishi, Mushroom Immunity and Pearl Extract are pregnancy/breastfeeding safe!


  • Maja:

    Hey is this product okay if i am taking birth control pills? Is there any of the products that isn’t good while taking birth control pills, i don’t Want to harm my body and i am pretty new on this

  • vincent:

    Hi Christian,

    How much does it cost to ship longevity in a bottle to Malaysia?

    Kindly advise how much mg that I take in full serving for mucuna; ashwagandha and pine pollen? As I heard it raises testosterone, which is my main objective.


    • LongevityPower:

      Hi Vincent,

      There are 3 international shipping options (and all orders $297+ receive FREE 6-10 day shipping). 1st class is 2 weeks or so (usually much shorter), and Express is 3-5 days. Plus possible time at customs.

      In a 2 teaspoon serving of Longevity in a Bottle there is:

      100 mg mucuna extract
      150 mg ashwagandha extract
      75 mg 10:1 pine pollen extract

      The formula will provide a notable androgenic balancing effect on the body – but not super androgenic/testosterone. If you need more kick you may consider taking DIM (estro-blocker), extra pine pollen, tongkat ali, strong nettle root extract, etc.


  • Morwyn:

    Hello, I have recently started looking up herbs that could help my metabolism. My problem is, I want herbs that can help my metabolism stay high when I get older (say, continuing to have the metabolism of someone in their 20’s when I am in my 60’s.) I was wondering if there was anything that you would suggest?

    • Morwyn,

      Part of having a healthy metabolism is having nourished adrenals, balanced hormone levels, and top notch digestion and immune health. As such I would suggest Longevity in a Bottle and Maca Bliss at the very least to help keep your metabolism running clean. On top of that Glow He Shou Wu and Mushroom Immunity would most likely give you exactly what you’re looking for. Cycling those with yin restoring Goji Joy and Levity would be even more fantastic. Make sure you do plenty of strengthening and ‘after burn’ inducing exercise too and nourish yourself with plenty of really healthy fats. Enjoy!


  • Michael McCarthy:

    I was wondering how long does a 300 mg bottle last

  • Michelle:

    Hi Christian,
    My husband and I have been on a LCHF diet for almost 2 months now! My question is about the nutritional content of the Longevity in a bottle? I am borderline diabetic and am worried about carbs and sugars. I have started adding this to my coffee and will check my ketone and sugar levels, but any info you have would be great! Thank you!

    • Hi Michelle!

      Congrats on 2 months of committing to yourself!

      I eat a ketogenic diet myself. All of my products are keto-friendly. The herbs are extracted in such a way that removes much of the naturally occurring sugars and starches. Most of the herbs are already devoid of net carbs in their whole form, but some like maca and goji are a bit sugary in their whole form BUT upon our extraction the sugars are removed while concentrating the medicinal compounds. Think of this as a really advanced tea in which the simple sugars stay stuff to the herbs but the non-glycemic active compounds dissolve into the water which is then dehydrated into a powder.

      I’m very blood-sugar sensitive myself, and I’ve downed large doses of my products all day long and have never been pulled out of ketosis by them. In fact, many of the herbs in Longevity in a Bottle have shown to help your body maintain proper blood sugar levels and maintain energy when before one might have hit a dip.

      Let me know how you progress!


  • Marce P.:

    Hello I was wondering if there’s any interactions with over the counter medicines. Like Ibuprofen for example.

    • Hi Marce,

      Usually there aren’t but there can be. Longevity in a Bottle is anti-inflammatory so you wouldn’t want to overdo it with anti-inflammatory drugs at the same time. You’ll need to consult with a qualified holistic physician on this one. Also, I’d invite you to bolster your body with such great nutrition that over the counter medicines become a thing of the past. 🙂


  • Dallas:

    This product is a ingenious idea. I will buy it regardless due to general well-being and health, but do you think it will also help cure my premature ejaculation or should I supplement other products with this. Thanks

    • Hi,

      I can’t say it will cure PE, but it might be a major puzzle piece in your personal case because the anti-anxiety and adrenal supporting effects of many of the herbal extracts can help performance. Your ultimate solution might be a more tantric approach, feeling, going slow, deep breathing, practice, etc. Good luck!


  • John:

    Hello Christian,

    Regarding sensitivity to stimulants (most notably, caffeine & chocolate) which I refrain from consuming, generally, I see that Longevity Power contains Maca And Ginseng -both of which I have noticed an “effect” from (especially poor sleep, even when taken in the a.m.). I ask: should I simply refrain from consuming these stimulating products, or is there a processing that varies their abilities as such? Does the combination in Longevity Power offer a possible “balancing effect” that might eliminate such troubles with restful sleep? I was looking here for GLOW He Shou Wu and “stumbled” across your Longevity Power. Perhaps I should just go with my original intention. Thank you.

    • LongevityPower:

      John, great question! I am sensitive to stimulants too. Maca and ginseng aren’t true stimulants, but they happen to be yang and warming which can be a bit much for someone who runs hot or has yin deficiency, but are still true adaptogens and can help someone recover or curb the adrenal taxation of stimulants, sugar, stress, etc. I think it would be worth it for you to give LIAB a try, but only take in morning and start with very small dosages and combine with a cooling or yin herb such as Levity, Goji Joy, Pearl, Glow, Epic Reishi, or Mushroom Immunity. GLOW is yin and thus might agree with you more, although just mind that even though it isn’t a stimulant it is an MAO-B Inhibitor which is boosting to the nervous system.

      Taking tonic herbs usually initiates a newer and improved self awareness for how one utilizes nutrition. Since tonic herbs can be both energizing and calming (the marker qualities of adaptogens), it is important to both exercise daily and get more sleep as part of one’s health improving process. Be gentle, but be abundant. Hope that helps.


  • Adrienne:

    Is this safe for someone with allergies who is also sensitive to soy?

    • Adrienne,

      It tends to help people turn allergy issues around. Could be important for you. That said, and only for those rare folks who are EXTREMELY sensitive to soy, I have to say that it contains a trace amount of non-mo black soybeans from the traditional preparation process of one of the ingredients, He Shou Wu extract. It is free of all typical allergens like gluten, nuts, sugar, dairy, etc.


  • Carl:

    Hello, is it 40 or 60 herbs in Longevity in a Bottle?

    • Hi Carl,

      Good question. Longevity in a Bottle has been 40 herbal extracts and concentrates for a while. The original formula was 60, and some of the videos state 60 – I’ll replace those videos soon. I upgraded it by removing a small portion containing 24 mushroom mycelium and adding 4 additional herbal extracts. The 24 mushroom mycelium are now in the product Mushroom Immunity. 🙂


  • Ladia:

    Looks amazing, all great herbs. It would be great to learn more about the herbs’ yin and and properties.:) but all their benefits are great to know as well. My question…: “the he shou wu root extract in this mixture, is that enough or should I add more to this mixture, buying your other product that has only the root extract in it?” purpose? Gray hair definitely.:)

    • Hi Ladia,

      A serving of Longevity in a Bottle has 200mg of our very potent Glow He Shou Wu. A serving of Glow He Shou Wu is 2000mg. However, the synergy is very effective with Longevity in a Bottle so large amounts of each herb are not needed. But to get the most out of he shou wu’s hair nourishing qualities I would recommend having it as a stand alone product (which is why I offer both). 🙂

      Longevity in a Bottle is designed to be balanced in yin jing and yang jing herbs. It is a bit warming but has cooling herbs in it to be as neutral to one’s constitution and be most agreeable to the most people possible. Hope that makes sense. If someone runs cool and needs more yang, in most cases LIAB taken often will be great. Is someone runs warm and needs to focus on yin, then they may need to go easy on LIAB or cycle off of it more regularly.


  • Cliff:

    Hi Christian,

    Just received your 8 main products (listed below) and excited to start using them. What suggestions do you have on taking them during the course of a day? All at one time? Also, my partner suffers from menopausal hot flashes – do any of these tonics help with this and other symptoms associated with menopause?

    – Longevity in a Bottle
    – Mushroom Immunity
    – Maca Bliss
    – Goji Joy
    – Glow He Shou Wu Extract
    – Pearl Extract
    – Epic Reishi
    – LEVITY Red Asparagus

    Thank you.


    • Cliff,

      Few suggestions:

      -You can cycle them and mix and match together, they all biopotentiate each other. So you can’t really go wrong.
      -Take LIAB, Glow and Mushroom Immunity during beginning of day to kick start and nourish your body.
      -Take Epic Reishi before or during potential stress for deep calm.
      -Take Levity during or after stress or after workout for deep calm and recovery.
      -Make a stevia sweetened lemonade and add Goji Joy and Pearl Extract to it on a hot day.
      -Take Maca Bliss and Mushroom Immunity before exercise.
      -As you take them more you’ll start to crave some more than other at different times and can adjust taking more or less of each as you see fit.

      For your partner:

      -During hot flashes, take Levity (a very cooling herb), Pearl, Epic Reishi and Goji Joy.
      -During times of no excess heat, take Maca Bliss and Everlasting Youth to help balance hormonal health.


  • Dustin:

    Does this product contain B12

    • Hi Dustin, no Longevity in a Bottle is not a source of vitamin B12. But combining LIAB with B vitamin supplements and foods rich in B12 is a great way to deeply nourish your body’s energy and nutrient reserves and vital cellular functions. 🙂

  • Vivian Springer:

    For those in our Family facing Cancer, is there one formula over all that would be suggested? Or, for my aging elderly parents? These formulas sound amazing to try verses capsule and gel caps supplements which gag some people. I will pass results around. Thanks

    • Hi Vivian,

      Thank you for reaching out. I can’t make any general statements on the cancer part. If you’d like to discuss your needs in detail I’d be happy to share insight. Give us a call. 415 448 5804.


  • Can this product be helpful for diabetes? Thank you for your response in advance. Dom

    • Dom,

      We can’t claim to treat diabetes nor would we with one product alone. Longevity in a Bottle contains herbal extracts that rejuvenate and protect one’s cells against many sources of damage. These herbs are adaptogens and many aid in endurance, cognitive function, circulation and resilience to stress.

      In my own life, I am intolerant to eating sugar without a miserable blood sugar reaction. If I ate a standard american diet I’m sure I would end up in a medicated situation with a insulin and blood sugar issues that wrecks my health. So 2 things that help me are to eat an organic high quality fat diet that is very low in carbs (nutritional ketosis) and to consume a variety of herbal tonics to nourish my body every day and make me feel amazing and not desiring excess sugars and starches.

      So I hope this answer sounds very reasonable. Love yourself and do what it takes to make progress on your health with every meal and beverage you have. With focused action, huge leaps in health are possible! 🙂


  • Kira:

    Hi:-) Can you pls share how do you extract your mushrooms? and is the same extract technique used to create all your shroom products? TIA

    • Kira,

      Each mushroom ingredient is extracted differently to optimize what we are concentrating from the mushroom. Our chaga is low temperature freeze dried to preserve SOD boosting properties. Our organic reishi is triple hot water extracted to concentrate the polysaccharides. Our organic reishi spores are cracked cell wall instead of extract (because they are so potent!) Each mushroom is standardized to the marker compounds we are looking for such as polysaccharides, or cordycepic acid in our cordyceps mycelium extract, and others. Our extraction medium is pharmaceutically pure water. 🙂


  • Jonathan Hilton:

    How many times can you take this a day? Also can you mix this with a protein powder?

    • Jonathan, take 1-3 times per day, or make a large elixir with it and sip throughout day to hydrate and nourish. Mixes excellently with protein powders and other tonic herbs, supplements and foods. 🙂

  • Dallas:

    Does longevity in a bottle make you smarter or increase iq by a little. Maybe you can tell me from personal or someone else’s experience if that has happened.

  • Kim Corrick:

    Wish this could be a love note. I want to order your products but after 15 minutes of trying to figure out how to order, I am writing this note to find out price and how to order longevity in a bottle. Frustrated.

  • Rick:

    I’ve been suffering with cronic fatigue for years. Now it’s become nearly debilitating. I’ve done months of research and tried many high quality supplements (including borax, MSM, adrenal support, citraline, b complex, brain booster from a trusted source, herbal teas, ultra liquid zeolite, Uncle Henr’s alge cure, Body Ecology Vital Greens, pure DE, oxygen colon cleanse, krill oil, and others) along with healthy diet and exercise (as much as I can).

    All this over many months with absolutely no improvement! I feel like it’s time to give up. I make very little money, so I’d like to know if you think I should try this one last thing before giving up? Thank you.

    • Rick,

      Never give up! You could be so close to making headway on this.

      Out of all my products, I would suggest Longevity in a Bottle primarily and Mushroom Immunity secondarily. The very comprehensive blend of potent adaptogenic extracts may help reset your system much more so than the other supplements you have tried. LIAB has helped people tremendously after they “tried everything for years.”

      That said, there may be some deeper things going on that adaptogens may help with but not solve the cause. You may have a toxicity or deficiency going on that you need to be objective about and get blood labs and a qualified holistic physician to read them for you. Get as comprehensive as you can afford so you have plenty of readings on hormones and heavy metals.

      You may just need to completely revamp your diet. Try a ketogenic diet, research the heck out of it, take ketone supplements, and when you have keto adapted do an elimination keto diet to weed out all food allergies. Only when you are well should you most likely experiment adding significant amounts of carbs back in.

      Let me know if you have any more questions. And keep in touch, would love to hear you make progress on this.


      • Rick:

        Thank you Christian. I’ve ordered a bottle of LIAB and I’m going to take your advice on the keto diet. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to go to a “real” doctor. I’ve seen several VA docs and have found them absolutely useless. One even said my memory problems and brain fog are all in my head.

        Anyway, I did some research and according to Dr. Axe, shilajit may be a direct cure for CFS.

  • Oh wow, the ingredient list looks really promising.

    I noticed LIAB also includes extracts such as Ashwaganda, ginseng, and nettle leaf, which are all used for treating hair loss naturally.

    Do you think this supplement is also good for your hair?

  • Paulanthony Deslandes:

    Does it really work is it is really good.

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