“After 5 years helping people take their health and performance to the next level, we have updated our signature product Mushroom Immunity. Now it has Cordyceps militaris extract, bringing the total number of medicinal mushroom extracts and concentrates to a tremendous 35! Mushroom Immunity – more so than ever – is the world’s most comprehensive medicinal mushroom immune system and mental clarity boosting formula!”*

Mushroom Immunity

Pure Immune System Food: Always Be Protected

35 Extremely Potent Medicinal Mushroom Concentrates
in 1 Easy to Take Powder!

Strengthen the Immune System

Build Resilience to Stress

Improve Mental Clarity & Calm

Unleash Peak Performances

Feel Better than Ever*

Did you feed your immune system today? Used in every human culture for 1000’s of years: medicinal mushrooms. Each species contains a unique array of polysaccharides (essential sugars) and novel compounds that strengthen the immune system.*
Tastes like instant exotic artisan coffee!

Mushroom Immunity


Mushroom Immunity is the most potent, advanced,
– and in our opinion best tasting –
mushroom formula in the world!


Mushroom Immunity
Half of our signature formula contains our proprietary extracts of chaga and reishi mushroom,
which taste more like an earthy freshly brewed cocoa-vanilla coffee instead of a ‘mushroom soup’ flavor.

Mushroom Immunity

Everyone loves tossing a serving (1 teaspoon) of Mushroom Immunity in water, smoothie and homemade desserts!


*Results may vary from individual to individual, based on health conditions, diet, weight, physical exercise and lifestyle habits. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Individuals taking medications and those with known medical conditions should consult with their holistic physician before using this or any nutritional product.

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  • Teresa:

    can this be used in hot water as a coffee replacement? or will the heat destroy the nutrients as is usually the case with raw superfoods?

    • Great question Teresa. Mushroom Immunity can be added to hot water or even into a simmering tea while keeping it’s active nutrients intact. Have fun and tell us how you like to use it, or even post us a recipe!

      Same goes for Longevity in a Bottle, Goji Joy and Maca Bliss – they may be added to hot water or even a simmering tea. Longevity Spirulina is best raw, but can be added to hot (very warm) elixirs.

  • carol:

    Just want to say, WOW!! How I love mushroom immunity! I have a very strenuous workout schedule. I teach a 60 min interval bike workout and then a 60 min intense weight training class all back to back. Then get up early and do it again. Not only does it take a lot of physical power but mental as well. Mushroom immunity has given me the physical and mental stamina to be “on my game” but also to recover and still have energy for the day. I am so happy to have found this product! Thank you, Christian!!

  • iuvenesco:

    What is or are the source country or countries of the mushrooms? Have they been tested for heavy metals?

    • Our medicinal mushrooms are sourced from USA (California), Russia and China (processed at Organic certified facility). Each ingredient has been tested for heavy metals and results comply with and are well below regulations. I am very confidant about the purity and quality of my ingredients and feed my family, my friends and myself my products daily. 🙂 -Christian

  • How often should this be taken?

    • Vito, Mushroom Immunity and all of our products can be taken 1-3 times a day, near daily with some breaks. Consistency is key. 5 days on 2 days off would be great. Or 4 weeks on, 1 week off.

  • Does this have a strong mushroom taste? I hate mushrooms (unfortunately) I wish I liked em. I know they have amazing benefits though. Just wondering what this would taste like and what the best way to hide the taste is without overpowering other flavors.

    • Lauren, most people think it has a very mild mushroom taste, and much more of a coffee-like chocolatey flavor, especially when you sweeten it up. It’s by design the tastiest and most potent full spectrum mushroom extract blend ever! To enhance flavor, combine with a nut milk and cacao and vanilla, sweeten to desire. I’m sure with your skills I can see at Sweat The Sweet Stuff, that you’d make exquisitely tasty creations with it. I recommend combining it with Maca Bliss (such a good flavor!) Enjoy! -Christian

  • I’m confused on whether I should take Mushroom Immunity or Reishi..would taking Mushroom Immunity provide the same benefits as taking just Reishi?

    • Vito,

      Mushroom Immunity is about 25% Epic Reishi (and about 75% 33 other medicinal mushroom concentrates). If you want full on immune system health, choose Mushroom Immunity. If you want to hone in on mental clarity and undoing compulsive thinking/behavior, go for Epic Reishi. Or both, of course 🙂 -Christian

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  • Ya:

    Hey Christian,

    First off, is it ok to take both the Epic Reishi and Mushroom Immunity at the same time? If so, then can I still take them at the suggested doses? Or do I need to take them both at a lower dosage amount?

    • Ya,

      Yes, they go together greatly. In fact, about 25% of the Mushroom Immunity formula is Epic Reishi. If you are newer to tonic herbs, start slow and work your way up as suggested on the bottles. Both at the same time multiple times a day is great, just start with smaller dosages. I imagine you’d love them in a slightly sweetened nut milk to creak an epic latte/mocha flavor.


      • Ya:

        Thanks for the quick reply. After taking Reishi the first night I had vivid dreams…lol. I drink it plain like a boss…haha.:PI’ll try that suggestion. Thanks again Christian!

  • Elian:

    Hi Christian,

    Can Mushroom Immunity be taken with my morning (organic Arabica) coffee or with raw, non homogenized whole milk (from grassfed Jersey cows)?

  • Farah:

    Can i give reishi mushroom to my mother for vitiligo and bp. She is always exhausted and has been anemic. What is better whether maca is good? Please let me know as i m confused.

    • Hi Farah,

      Epic Reishi is fantastic to help address a history of stress, trauma and bad mental habits. That was the main reason I launched the product.

      That said, Longevity in a Bottle for exhausting and immune-system issues could be a great revitalizer for your mother.

      Maca Bliss is a great cognitive booster.

      I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on the internet, so please consider working closely with a qualified holistic physician to heal your mother with even more tools than I can offer.


    • Marlen:

      your mom needs to detox her body with a nutritional balancing program (see wendy myers/hair analysis) she probably has adrenal fatigue/thyroid issues as well > she needs to rest and change her diet >> zero sugar and zero gluten and eat lots of org vegetables and org/pasture raised meat (see bulletproof diet, dave asprey) medicinal mushroom are support but wont cure her over night.


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  • Marlen:

    i just listened to an podcast by dave asprey and jeff chilton on bulletproof.
    apparently if the medicinal mushrooms are not grown in nature they do not contain the medicinal compound in them. also most other mushrooms grown on grain, that are man cultivated, contain gluten.

    what do your products contain ?
    how much of it is wild harvested and do you know about your organic raw mushrooms what they are grown on and if they are actually contain medicinal compounds?

    btw: its still not proven that cracked spores are actually digestible by our bodies …

    • Hi Marlen,

      Great questions. I’ll give you a full answer. 😉

      Dave Asprey (I listen to hist podcasts all the time) and Jeff Chilton have some great points. My only critique might be that they often frame their own products as unique when they are more like top industry standard, which I share.

      Mushroom Immunity was born when I found that going into a natural food store (physical or online) supplement section I found that nearly all the medicinal mushroom products were mostly made of UNextracted mycelium, were in over-priced under-dosaged capsules and were too simple (not comprehensive diversity of species and human active marker compounds for the fullest possible effect on the immune system, stress-resilience, energy, endurance, anti-aging and mental clarity). I wanted an all-encompassing medicinal mushroom product with the largest array of the most potent mushrooms available at bulk pricing. I hope you find that that is what Mushroom Immunity turned out to be.

      Within each species and strain of medicinal fungi, there are many options of how it can be grown and extracted. 3% of Mushroom Immunity’s formula is raw organic unextracted mycelium of 24 species right here in Northern California (the least potent section of my formula, but made up for with largest diversity). The remaining 10 ingredients are fruiting body hot water extracts (some grown on rice (gluten free), some grown on outdoor organic compost), cracked-cell-wall reishi spores (grown on organic compost), the cordyceps is CS4 mycelium extract, and the chaga is wildcrafted freeze-dried warm water (to preserve SOD content) extract. Most of the extracts are specified to human-active marker compounds content.

      I find that the reishi spores for my body are very potent in the feeling they give so I feel that that plus the new science backing the cracked spores make them a huge GO!


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  • Jeffrey:

    Do you grow the mushrooms yourself? Do you guys do your own extractions or does another company do them for you? Where do you get the raw powders from? Do you make the raw powders yourself?

    • Hi Jeffrey,

      We work with many manufacturers from around the world. Our wild chaga extract is from a Russian manufacturer we feel makes the best extract of chaga possible! Our reishi is from a vertically integrated certified organic farm and manufacturer in China. Our other mushroom extracts are from 2 other manufacturers we love. Our organic raw mycelium blend is from a grower nearby us here in California.


  • Erica:

    Is this product safe for a pregnant person to consume? I’m currently eating an all alkaline diet, my body has been through some trauma for about 3 years, the doctors don’t what what the problem is. I have had a serious respiratory issue followed by a very serious nasal cavity inflammation from food sensitivity, my body is prouting more mucus than normal. I used to take prednisone and antibiotics to correct the issue when it gets out of control. The last time I took the prednisone and antibiotics I started an alkaline diet close to Dr. Sebi’s list…I haven’t taken the drugs since. My body feels like it wants to correct itself and has been responding very will to the alkaline diet and no acidity foods. I’d like to try this product, but I am currently pregnant and don’t know it this is suitable for a pregnant woman.

    • Hi Erica,

      These medicinal mushrooms in Mushroom Immunity are all considered safe and effective for pregnant and breastfeeding women among herbalists. Start with smaller dosages and gradually build up, as directed on the bottle or as directed by your qualified holistic physician. 🙂

      I’m not familiar with what Dr. Sebi recommended for pregnant women, but please insure you are getting a variety of organic grass fed/pastured animal derived products to provide your body and the baby’s with essential developmental nutrients.


  • MaryAnn:

    Hi Christian,
    Question: is this packaged in glass containers? kindly advice.

    • Hi MaryAnn. We recently switched from amber glass (shiny looking but heavy, intensive to ship, breaks) to PET (as eco of a plastic as it gets, lite and easy to take with you in a bag, wide mouth for scooping, small sizes are made from 100% recycled plastic.) When it comes to water or oil based foods, I never use plastic. But with dry powders, plastic makes things so much better of an experience. 🙂


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