One of the most ancient and precious substances….

‘Your Best Beauty Secret’

Pearl Beauty

• Beautify Skin*

• Strengthen Tissue*

• Open Your Heart

• Boost Sexual Vitality*

• Great in a Smoothie

• EPIC Topically!

100% Pure 10X Full Spectrum Powdered Extract of Pearls

The connoisseur’s pearl…

Pearl is a top Taoist beauty herb that uplifts the spirit, bolsters the body with amino acids, and is the only form of calcium carbonate one should ever take (other forms are usually just mined chalk limestone).*
Our pearls are full-spectrum extracted at a ratio of 10:1 (our 1.3 oz bottle is the concentration of 13 oz of pearls and our 5.3 oz bottle is the concentration of over 3 pounds of pearls!), creating the most potent pearl powder ever which contains dozens of amino acids including 8 essential and dozens of minerals including calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, strontium, copper, selenium, silicon and titanium. The mucopolysaccharides in pearl are shown to prevent wrinkling and increase libido.*
Although not a vegan product, many plant- strong fooders love to add in pearl to their lifestyle as a strategic beauty substance that calms the mind and fills in nutritional gaps.


Ingredients: 100% 10:1 Full Spectrum Water Extract of Akoya Pearl Oyster Pearls,* powdered. No fillers, additives, synthetic ingredients, preservatives, flowing agents, GMO’s, dairy, or gluten.

*Contains a product of oyster, a shellfish seafood. Though not usually, individuals with very sensitive shellfish allergies may need to heed caution with use.
100% Pure, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Non-GMO, Packaged in the USA.
Serving Size: 1 teaspoon (1500 mg).
Internal Use: Mix in pure water, juice, elixir, milks, soups, or smoothies. Take 1/4 – 3 teaspoons, 1-3 times per day.
External Use: Mix in body butter, lotion or exfoliant & use often. Have fun and live long!
Pearl Beauty
*Results may vary from individual to individual, based on health conditions, diet, weight, physical exercise and lifestyle habits. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Individuals taking medications and those with known medical conditions should consult with their holistic physician before using this or any nutritional product. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.

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  • Louisette Pochat:

    I will buy your pearl extract next month please tell me the cost of the shipping. Thank you…Louisette

  • Loren:

    What is the cost and shipping cost? I live in Summerland Key, Florida

  • Hi,

    I am looking for pearl extract to make an anti wrinkle spray for my client. Just wanted to make sure that it is completely dissolved in water and we would be needing around 1 kg of the product. Are you kindly able to email me the price including freight for Dunedin in New Zealand.

    Many thanks.


  • Mary Ann:

    Hi cristian

    Question: when I received the pearl, it tasted a hint of crab. Is that natural? I’m guessing so, but thought I’d ask. Please advice.

    Thank you for your time!

    • Mary Ann,

      There will be varying slight hints of oyster flavor in the pearl as an oyster created it. When blended, you can make it tasteless or more of a ‘calcium creamy’ flavor. I imagine it’s hitting your tongue in a way that triggers the memory of unique sea foods you’ve had in your life. Isn’t taste, smell and memory a fascinating experience? 🙂


  • Mary Ann:

    Thank you Christian for the clarification and your time in answering my questions. Please keep doing what you are doing. I love your products and look forward to trying out others.

    Question: are all your extract powder (longevity products) vegan? …(except for pearl).
    Question: are all your extract powder organic and non gmo?

    Mary Ann

    • Mary Ann,

      Yes, everything but the Pearl is vegan at this time. I will be launching 2 products later this year that will NOT be all vegan ingredients.

      All of my extracts are 100% Non-GMO. Many Certified organic herbs are NOT inherently high quality, but some are. So, some of my extracts are organic, and some are pesticide-free and extremely high quality. All of my herbs are extracted in certified organic facilities. In other words, my extracts are grown and made by herbal connoisseurs for herbal connoisseurs. 🙂

      Levity is Organic.
      Epic Reishi is Organic.
      Maca Bliss is organically grown, but we use non-GMO cane alcohol in the extraction process (which is a really cool, pure and powerful medium for black maca) so therefore cannot call it Organic.
      Goji Joy and He Shou Wu Extract are pesticide-free, sulphur-free, and tested for 140 pesticides (non-detected). (In my experience, certified organic gojis especially don’t indicate quality.)
      Pearl Extract is not organic because we cannot certify the freshwater oysters – but rigorous testing is done.
      Mushroom Immunity and Longevity in a Bottle include many certified organic extracts, all other extracts are non-GMO, pesticide-free and/or wilderness sourced.


      • Mary Ann:

        Hi Chrustian, I was wondering are all your powdered extracts have no traces of caffeine? I’m very sensitive to caffeine. Pls. Advice.

  • TMC:

    am I allowed to use your powders in my products?

  • MarieTallula:

    Do you ship worldwide?

  • April:

    Hi Christian, Can I need to mix the pearl extract with a cream or serum ? Also can your pearl extract be taken internally ? Thank you

    • Hi April,

      While most pearl powders are ground, levigated or hydrolyzed – ours it a 10:1 hot water extract making it the most soluble of all preparations. I hand mix it into coconut oil all the time as a nourishing body cream or very lite facial exfoliant. Many companies dissolve pearl extract into glycerin and then add that to a skincare product. I’m not as into glycerin for the skin.

      My pearl is equally great for the skin and for eating. I mostly eat it (love blending it into elixirs and smoothies). Internal use is the Chinese Medicine way to gain all of its benefits.


      • Anne:

        Hi Christian,

        I just have additional questions regarding the 10:1 hot water process you use to ground the pearls, what is the key difference from the levigated and hydrolyed process that other companies use? Do you use any preservatives? How safe is this process and does it affect the efficacy of the pearl powder? I just try to be more careful and I like to do thorough research for any product that I intend to ingest and put on my body especially it it’s sourced and coming from China. I don’t want to put anything on my body or take anything that will cause undetected future harm. I really want to take pearl powder supplements but I’m really worried in safety and efficacy as well. Are these also tested for heavy metals? Thank you so much!!!

        • Hi Anne! Thank you so much for patiently waiting on my reply (I have been transitioning my site over to a new system and missed you question.)

          Levigated and hydrolyzed pearl are not extracts but forms of grinding and making the pearl bioavailable. I find that an extract makes the pearl that much more soluble (for oral and skin use) and concentrated! It’s 100% pearl 10:1 full spectrum extract with no preservatives or fillers. The process is totally safe and the product is very gentle, creating a very clean heavy-metal tested product. I think you’ll just love it!


  • April:

    Hi Christian,
    What do you recommend to dissolve the pearl extract with to use for the face? Should I mix it with my cream or serum ? I love to use oil for my face but when I mix the pearl powder in the oil it become clumps. Please give some recipe on the mixing of the pearl extract. Thank you

    • April,

      I just hand mix it into coconut oil and after massaging it into my skin and leaving it on it should be well absorbed.

      Mixing our extract into pure oil won’t clump at all. But mixing it into some creams or certain water containing liquids could cause it to clump. Hence why glycerin is the standard in the industry for its versatility.

      Have fun experimenting!


  • Heather:

    Good afternoon,
    About how much of the pearl would you mix with coconut oil? What would you suggest the ratio be? Thank you!!

    • Heather, I play around with the ratio all the time. I’ll use more pearl extract to make the perfect facial exfoliant (the pearl powder is so lite compared to other exfoliants). Or I’ll use just a little (like a half teaspoon with a 1/2 cup coconut oil so that it leave no residue. Enjoy! 🙂

  • Tasha:

    Hi 🙂 I love the sound of your products – do you ship to Australia? Thank you!

  • MaryAnn:

    Mary Ann:
    September 17, 2016 at 1:38 pm
    Hi Chrustian, I was wondering are all your powdered extracts have no traces of caffeine? I’m very sensitive to caffeine.

    Another question: which powered extract do you recommend that will help nourish and support the liver?

    Pls. Advice.

    • Hi MaryAnn,

      None of my herbal extracts have caffeine. They are stimulant free. They are true adaptogens.

      We do put many of our products in chocolate products, but those are out of stock right now.

      Re: Liver: Epic Reishi in moderate amounts is great for liver support. Glow He Shou Wu, Goji Joy and Everlasting Youth are also fantastic. 🙂

  • Marcela Pinedo:

    Hello, I have a question regarding the servings per day of the pearl powder. On the bottle it says 1 tsp which is 1500 mg, take 1/4 – 3 tsp, 1 to 3 times per day. Is that too much, concerning calcium toxicity?

    • Marcela,

      Great question. 1 teaspoon of Pearl Extract contains about 540 mg of elemental calcium, a fraction of the typical 1000-2000mg daily intake often recommended. Take into account that this isn’t junk calcium, which is often associated with calcium toxicity from over supplementation or diseases concerning calcification buildup. This is real calcium from pearls, similar to the wholesome calcium one would get in bone broth. Like most sources of wholesome calcium, not all of the calcium may get absorbed. Getting calcium from pearl is a secondary reason to take pearl. The main reason is for the pearl’s mucopolysaccharides, trace minerals, skin and gut nourishing, mental calming, sexual health nourishing effects. The calcium content promotes relaxation of the nervous system.

      To boost bone density and proper utilization of calcium, I recommend taking sufficient amounts of the co-factors associated like magnesium, silica, vitamin D (and sunshine), vitamin K, strontium, boron, and vanadium and to look closely at one’s hormone levels (thyroid, estrogens, etc.), as well as practice weight training and balancing activities. There is evidence to suggest that bone health is based more these cofactors regardless of calcium intake.

      Let me know if you have any other questions. 🙂


  • Kirsten:

    Hi, I was wondering if the pearl powder is tested to be free of heavy metals and other contaminants? Thanks.

    • Hi Kirsten,

      All our ingredients are lab tested after production and are below or most often well below the standard maximums for heavy metals. We will be doing 3rd party testing soon too.


  • Alexis:

    What part of the world is your Pearl powder sourced from?

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