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My 100% healthful Vanilla Malt & Chocolate Butterscotch Swirl Gelato Fudgsicles will blast your taste buds with rich creamy flavor without spiking your blood sugar.** This superfoodized delicacy is designed to nourish your immune system and nervous system with its content of long-chain omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin c, tonic herbs, lecithin, and antioxidants.**

Vanilla Malt & Chocolate Butterscotch Swirl Gelato Fudgsicles Recipe (Organic with Sugar-Free, Raw & Vegan Options)

Bit and beginning to melt!


Place in a high-speed blender:


1 ½ cups organic pumpkin seeds (soaked and dehydrated rocks!)

1 1/4 cup warm tonic herb tea, gynostemma tea or spring water

½ cup organic walnuts (soaked and dehydrated rocks!) (careful of bulk-bin walnuts as they are notoriously oxidized, moldy or rancid)

4 organic pastured egg yolks or for a vegan option use a couple tablespoons non-gmo soy lecithin and a few dashes of spring water and cold pressed olive oil

1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon organic ghee (my favorite) or cold-pressed organic 100% olive oil or 1/4 cup raw heavy cream

2 teaspoons Longevity Power Maca Bliss or He Shou Wu or Goji Joy or Mushroom Immunity or Longevity in a Bottle

1 teaspoon organic almond butter


Blend on high for 1 minute and strain through 3 nut mylk bags (1 bag inside the other to create a 3-layered bag) into a large bowl. Pour back into the blender and then add:


2 tablespoons birch xylitol or wholesome sweeteners of choice

1 teaspoon vanilla bean powder

¼ teaspoon stevia extract powder or ½ teaspoon for full sweetness (KAL brand and NOW brand are great tasting)


Blend on high for 15 seconds and then pour most into a pitcher leaving 1 cup in blender, then add to blender:


¼ cup organic raw cacao powder

1 tablespoon birch xylitol or wholesome sweeteners of choice

¾ teaspoon freshly squeeze organic lemon juice

1/2 – 1 teaspoon Longevity Power LEVITY or more Maca Bliss


Blend lightly. Set up your fudgecicle molds and pour the vanilla malt gelato (in pitcher) and chocolate butterscotch gelato (in blender) into the molds simultaneously to create a swirl of light and dark cream. Freeze for several hours. You may also just pour into a bowl and freeze to make gelato, or use a home ice cream maker if you have one. ENJOY!


Like the idea of superfood butterscotch? Then you’ll LOVE my recipe for my favorite elixir, “Liquid Butterscotch Candy,” found in my book Superfood Beauty Elixirs.


To the greatest version of yourself!

-Christian Bates



I share your enthusiasm for a life built for longevity and peak performance. I want to share with you that my company is not a ‘discount product line.’ The quality and potency are there – and since you’re not paying for pills or capsules – all our products are already in a bulk-priced but elite-quality and extreme-potency form.

That said, I have found that increasing the percentage in one’s diet of herbs and superfoods is a winning strategy. Before Longevity Power, ‘feasting’ on tonics (and the accelerated healing and fully energized life that comes with it) was but a dream lived only by emperors past.

You see, the very mature and wise ‘nutrition theme’ of the 2010s is that no matter what diet path you follow, it must be rich in medicinal nutrients – less agriculturally tampered and closer to a virile wild state.

Raw… cooked… veg… primal… – chances are you’ll dabble in all of those labels over the years as I have, but no matter what is floating your boat right now, make sure it is abundant in nature’s medicine and a wide variety of immune-strengthening, hormone-balancing, stress-reversing, DNA-protective (and science-proven!) nutrients.

Enter: Longevity Power tonic herbs and superfoods. It is my life’s mission to ensure that you get to have all the life-transforming tonics your body craves. You shall not be held back from your potential any longer.** Get clear about the variety and quantity of powerhouse substances your body requires to reach your next set of goals.

Unleash  into your life the healing power of herbs and superfoods!

-Christian Bates


**Disclaimer: Results may vary from individual to individual, based on health conditions, diet, weight, physical exercise and lifestyle habits. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and are for informational and educational use only. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Individuals taking medications and those with known medical conditions, as well as pregnant or breastfeeding women, should consult with their holistic physician before using these or any nutritional products.
Vanilla Malt & Chocolate Butterscotch Swirl Gelato Fudgsicles Recipe (Organic with Sugar-Free, Raw & Vegan Options)
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