Tonic Herbs need delicious delivery methods into your body. If you’ve been mixing your herbs in water and shooting them down, well that’s fine and gets the job done, but let me tell you: There are better ways! The following 5 ways are more fun, delicious and convenient and will certainly help you build and keep your enthusiasm and compliance in doing the habits that truly serve your body in attaining your health goals.**

Top 5 Effective Ways to Consume Tonic Herbs

Our Longevity Power tonic herbs and superfood extracts are in a completely bioavailable and economical form: extract powders. They are technologically enhanced potency-verified herbal ‘teas’ that have been dehydrated into an instant powder. But what do we do with them to best get them into our body?? Well, besides just mixing them in a shot of water and gulping them right down, what are the most effective, tastiest, most enjoyable, easiest recipes to enjoy tonic herbs so that you can have the most energy throughout your day and make the food you are already eating even more nutrient dense? I’ll tell you!
Here are the Top 5 Effective Ways to Consume Tonic Herbs that I know you’ll just love. I do at least 2 of these every day, some days all 5! Have fun nourishing your body and making your health and fitness goals come true with these:

#5 – Food Bars, Cookies, Chocolates and Ice Cream!Top 5 Effective Ways to Consume Tonic Herbs

Do you blend up your own custom treats and chocolate at home? Have you ever made your own hit-the-spot superfood ice cream? Desserts evolved into transformative meal replacements! Simply add a couple servings of tonic herbs into a wholesome recipe you already enjoy to give it adaptogenic, even more energizing properties while nourishing your adrenals, immune system and soul! All of our herbs and formulas already have flavors reminiscence of cacao, coffee, nuts, malt and deep refreshing bitters that compliment bars, brownies, and chewy bites!
Try these recipes: The Ice Cream That Gets You HighLongevity Snap BarsSuperfood Santa CookiesGingerbread Ice Cream SandwichRaw Superfood Pumpkin PiePeanut Butter Bars w/ Raw Chocolate Chips & Maca Bliss, Spiced Sexy Genius Frozen CustardVegan Paleo Mocha Chip Ice Cream5-Minute Never-Stress Peppermint Swirl Fudge RecipeLongevity Power Ice Cream Recipe.

#4 – This Functional Latte by Ariane Resnick

(From Ariane’s book The Thinking Girl’s Guide to Drinking)

#3 – Boldly on Your Tongue!

Okay, this only works with our Goji Joy, Levity and Maca Bliss (our other products are too dark and strong for this). If you’re already on the path of cultivating a taste for dense and intense food and drink, then they will taste fantastic by themselves. Like herbal candy with no sugar. Put a teaspoon on your tongue, let it slowly dissolve and begin to absorb sublingually, then chew a bit and swirl around your mouth. Chase with spring water. If any sticks to your teeth, just wait 5 minutes and your mouth will clean itself. If this seems odd to you, no worries, just skip ahead for smoothie time!

#2 – High Octane Smoothie/Shake

Top 5 Effective Ways to Consume Tonic HerbsAre you a blenderer? Protein shakes, superfood smoothies, fruity blends, blended soups, and bulletproof coffee are all one step away from becoming even better health habits: Add a tiny scoop of tonics to them for big gains in performance and long lasting energy. It is a part of my nutrition mission to let y’all know that tonic herbs are the missing ingredient in most pre workout and recovery shakes. They are wonderful for endurance and are the perfect health hack on a cellular level for getting the blood nutrients pumping and repair optimized while helping reduce soreness.**
Try these: The Organic Egg Nog Recipe for Kicking A$$, Coconut Nog Energy SmoothieBulletproof UnCoffeeBoundless Energy UnCoffee ShakeMake My Hormones Happy SmoothieAphrodisiac Cream of Sage, Rosemary & Thyme Holiday SoupImmunity Blast SmoothieCinnamon Vanilla Pecan Maca Latte.

#1 – Foundational Elixir

Top 5 Effective Ways to Consume Tonic HerbsWater-based hydrating tonic herbal elixirs are the cornerstone of how I easily and abundantly get herbs and superfoods into my body. Here is a basic elixir recipe you can adapt to any tonic herbal extract you have. What’s great about these is that they are mostly water so you can drink them all day like you would water, but instead of just hydrating you’re giving your body what it needs to power up and power through. They are sugar free and so delicious too, better than soda or a hit-the-spot sweetened tea. I make one every morning, drink half of it, ride on its energy for a while before needing to eat solid food, and drink the other half as I need it while hydrating throughout the rest of the day. So simple yet effective.
Try these: Every Morning ElixirVanilla Mushroom Immunity & Clarity Elixir Recipe, Upgraded Green JuiceEpic Reishi Espresso, Probiotic Goji Ginger Soda PopTonic Roy Rogers CocktailEliminate Stress ElixirCaramel Flavored Levity ElixirGoji Electrolyte Lime-ade PopsiclesUltimate Pre Workout Elixir for Endurance and PowerEpic Reishi Java Soda Elixir RecipeRobust Autumn Tonic TeaHerbal Espressoccino Recipe VideoHerbal Ecstasy Elixir RecipeImmunity Frappuccino.

Bonus – Longevity Power Elixirs Ebook

Here are 11 mouth-watering recipes that use tonic herbs that you can incorporate into your daily or weekly routine. I encourage you to make and have at least 1 recipe a day, perhaps first thing in the morning, for the next 30+ days and see how your body and mind transform!
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To your greatest health!
Christian Bates


**Results may vary from individual to individual, based on health conditions, diet, weight, physical exercise and lifestyle habits. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Individuals taking medications and those with known medical conditions should consult with their holistic physician before using this or any nutritional product.
Top 5 Effective Ways to Consume Tonic Herbs
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  • Liona Shareing:

    I just wanted to let you know that I have longevity in a bottle I purchased 2 yrs ago at the longevity conference. I’ve been using it 1/2 tsp in boiling water as a tea in the morning. The taste takes a bit of getting used to however I found it is the perfect tonic for me.
    Liona Shareing

    • Liona,

      That’s wonderful to hear. No need to boil it unless you’re combining it with raw herbs than need the heat for extraction. Feel free to add a touch of sea salt, stevia and vanilla to make the flavor more pleasing to you. 🙂


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