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You're just 1 step away...
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You're just 1 step away... You're just 1 step away... You're just 1 step away... You're just 1 step away... You're just 1 step away... You're just 1 step away... You're just 1 step away... You're just 1 step away... You're just 1 step away... You're just 1 step away... You're just 1 step away... You're just 1 step away...

21 Responses to “You’re just 1 step away…”

  • Donna:

    Thank you for all your gifts.

  • Kimberly:

    HOLY SUPERGOODIES AND FREE!!??? U would be that awesome!!! Thanku so excited to try you’re creationd!!!

  • Evelyn Haungs:

    Awesome, I have tried the product I ordered and it did in fact make me feel energized. Thank You

  • Hello,
    I haven’t receive the message from you about e-mail confirmation can you check out somehow..

  • Michelle:

    Hi there

    I entered my name three times in the subscribe section and did not recieve a confirmation email with any one of them…did check SPAM and it’s not there either…I would be very interested in the ebook as well as your products….thanks very much

  • Natalie:

    I entered my name and email address as well and checked SPAM and still haven’t received an email! I really would love access to the ebook! Thanks.

  • heather:

    I am interested in helping my grandson age 13 weeks re the probiotics please

    • Heather, have fun with your grandson making variations on coconut water kefir. He’ll love it cause it tastes like soda. You’ll love it cause it’s loaded with probiotics! -Christian 🙂

      • heather:

        Thanks Christian ,
        Cameron is only 14weeks. Iv read the book calming colic. Excellent. So I am wondering
        Wether optibac is the way fad for him . my other grandson is 2 so I will ref be going for the suggestion for him. Any ideas where to buy kefir please. Debi helped me by lending me your book

  • Hey dude i am really into making elixirs, even though i havent made too many yet i still am very excited to learn all types and have been watching your youtube channel lately lol, i actually made an elixir today thats what got me into the mood lol, went out foraged and got some ganodermas and stuff lol, but i actually do want to read your book and as i can see in the comments this is common i guess, but i didnt recieve the ebook link or email in my email lol, hey btw we should trade immortality secrets, i got mine and im sure you got urs, for realy XD

  • Robin:

    Hi Christian, I signed up for the ebook a few days ago, but never got the confirmation link for sign up or ebook. This will be email I’ll be using to get receipt when I buy products so it’s important to know if you are able to use it. Thanks!

  • Dr. Alvaro Vinhas:

    I would like to know how can I buy in Brasil the things above.
    Sicerely, Yours,
    Dr. Avaro – Physicist in Cirurgie

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